5 Tips to Prevent a Sewage Problem

It’s one of those feared events that every household or business hope will never happen; a sewage leak problem. Concerns about contamination from sewage inside your home or business premises, are real and should be dealt with quickly, as a sewage spillage commonly causes gastroenteritis for those exposed to it.

Sewage also carries a range of other illness-causing contaminants. So, it’s critical to engage sewage cleaning services such as our team at Capital Facility Services, as soon as you are aware, to minimise the problem and your chance of becoming ill.

Sewage, also known as black water, can leak into areas that are difficult to reach. With our stringent sewage cleaning, you can feel confident returning to or being in your home or place of work.

How Do you Know if you Have a Sewer Blockage?

While it may not be a complete blockage it’s still important to let our sewage cleaning team know when any of the following are apparent:

  1. The toilet is slow to flush or the water rises toward the top of the bowl without going back down. Or in some cases, the toilet water overflows.
  2. Bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from the drains or toilet where this was not happening prior.
  3. Strong smells emanating from the drains/sinks.
  4. Rising water in downstairs sinks where there is water in use upstairs.

So how do you prevent a sewage problem from happening? After you have engaged our sewage cleaning services, we recommend these top 5 actions to avoid the same problem occurring.

Tip 1: Management of What Goes Down Your Sink

When your drains get backed up, you’re potentially headed for an overflow or break in your pipes. Where the pipe breaks can initially be unknown and could mean you have more than just waste water to contend with. To keep your waste water flowing well, avoid putting oils, fats, product packaging and food down the sink.

Tip 2: Toilet Use

Toilets are for human waste and toilet paper – nothing else. Do not put wipes, paper towel, tissues, personal care products or nappies, etc. into the toilet. If something such as a child’s toy falls into the toilet, better to use a safe method to fetch it than flush.

Tip 3: Annual Inspections

Have a plumber conduct an inspection once a year to ensure your pipes are draining effectively. They may be able to detect a problem pipe or any leakages.

Tip 4: Keeping Your Drains Clean

This is an easy process and something you should get in the habit of doing every month. Simply use a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of white distilled vinegar and a cup of warm water. This is a safe and effective way to help keep your drains clean. Being chemical free, it’s also great for your home and the environment.

Tip 5: Strainers

Sink strainers that sit over the sink hole are a great way to stop food scraps and other unwanted items going down your drain and causing blockages. They are inexpensive and may prevent blockages in the future.

What if I Have a Sewage Leak? Do I need Sewage Cleaning Services?

The team at Capital Facility Services are available 24/7 so we’ve got you covered. If you have a sewage leak, please call us before the black water spreads and contaminates other areas. You will need sewage cleaning in most cases.

Why risk your health when you have a professional team who understands how to clean up your sewage problem quickly. We are certified, experienced and have years of experience providing sewage cleaning services.

Upon arrival we will assess the extent of the problem and implement our stringent sewage cleaning and sanitisation process upon finalising the assessment. As specialists, we have qualified technicians and the right equipment to provide the professional sewage clean up process you need. Call us now on 1300 554 418.