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Water Damage Carpet Drying Melbourne

Water Damaged Carpet Drying

Water damaged carpet is a severe problem for any business or home owner and working out the best way to save your water damaged carpet can be a daunting experience.
At Capital Facility Services we have expertise in water damage carpet drying and our team of expert restorers is on hand to assist you 24/7. Our Water Damage Carpet Drying approach follows the strict guidelines of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification from whom we hold official recognition. All our work is aligned with the requirements of our Integrated and accredited Management System ensuring we are consistently improving and providing the best-in-class Water Damaged Carpet Drying solutions to our clients.
We have knowledge and expertise in the residential market, as well as in managing large scale water damaged carpet drying programs for hotel chains, retail establishments and office buildings. Our team can be scaled up at short notice to provide a considered response that allows businesses to get back to normal operations as quickly as possible. This same level of service is provided to all residential property owners, ensuring the properties of all our clients are restored promptly and are safe for their occupants to live in.

Water Damage Carpet Service Melbourne

We operate 24/7 and our qualified team can answer your questions and provide advice on the best way to proceed with your specific water damage restoration emergency. We will explain to you how we go about accessing water damaged carpet and what we must consider before producing the most effective water damage restoration program for your water damaged carpet.

For wet carpet emergencies we can dispatch our Water Damaged Carpet Service Team in Melbourne, within the hour. As water damaged carpets can be the cause of major secondary water damage problems, we advise you organise for immediate water damage restoration to avoid problems like mould growth and structural issues to your property.

For over a decade our Water Damaged Carpet Service Melbourne has provided expertise in effective water damaged restoration solutions to facility managers, property managers, owners, and tenants of commercial and residential properties. You can rely on us to extract excess water from your wet carpet, dry it and provide effective moisture control to prevent mould growth. If we deem your water damaged carpet to be non-salvageable, we will explain why to you, and we can remove and dispose of it safely for you.

Our Water Damaged Carpet Service Melbourne is one you can rely on to provide the best and most cost-effective water damaged restoration outcome for you.

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Our 5-Step Process

At Capital Facility Services we have a tried and tested Water Damage Carpet Restoration Process. Our approach ensures we do not miss any areas of concern and that we investigate beyond the obvious in our endeavours to protect our clients from secondary issues of mould growth or possible structural concerns. Our 5-step Water Damage Carpet Restoration process can be summarised as follows.

Inspect, Assess & Plan

On arrival our Water Damage Carpet Restoration Technician will inspect the affected carpet to determine the source of water and the extent of the water damage to your carpets, but also to surrounding structures and content.
Our Water Damage Restoration Specialist will use state of the art moisture monitors to determine the water saturation levels, the amount of humidity in the affected area, as well as other important measures that will guide how they will proceed. Thermal cameras provide guidance on the breadth and extent of the water damage to your wet carpets but also structures like skirting boards, walls, doors, ceilings, framing and the like.
By understanding the source of water damage, the extent of water saturation, as well as how long water has been sitting on your carpet and the impact on surrounding structures and content, our Water Damage Carpet Restoration Technicians can plan the best water damage carpet drying and restoration program for you.

Carpet is a very absorbent surface and if contaminated by sewage or unsanitary water it will be considered non-restorable. In this instance we will advise that the affected carpet and underlay should be removed. The affected area can then be treated with special antimicrobial and sanitised. Drying of the subfloor and any other affected surfaces will then be undertaken.

If we identify mould growth under the carpet, we will carefully remove it to avoid it spreading. Moulded carpet cannot be restored. If mould is identified on your water damaged carpet, we will inform you of how we can safely move forward to ensure we do not spread mould spores during our make safe activity.

Make Safe & Wet Carpet Water Extraction

Our Water Damage Carpet Drying Technicians will quickly work out what needs to be done and get to work to implement your Water Damaged Carpet Restoration Program.
If your carpet is saturated with water, specialised industrial vacuums are used to remove it as fast as possible using a hot water extraction method. In our experience this is the most effective way to get rid of water from saturated carpets. If the excess water is not extracted quickly it will continue to be absorbed by your carpet and will provide the ideal breeding ground for mould to form and propagate.

Furthermore, prompt water extraction from water damaged carpets is necessary to prevent water from being absorbed by skirting boards and wicking up walls, causing additional damage.

Look at these two short videos to see how we might go about extracting water from your flooded carpets.
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If your carpet has been affected by Category 3 Water, also known as black water, it will need to be removed. This water is highly contaminated as it contains bacteria and harmful pathogens. It includes sewage, flooding water from external sources like rivers and any water that carries silt, toxic substances, organic matter, or toxic materials. Contaminated storm water can be another source of Category 3 Water.
Even clean water left on your carpet for extended periods will transform to contaminated water and may need to be removed. Within 24-hours, or sooner, water can change its form and damage costs can escalate.
If water wicks up your walls and effects your skirting boards, we may need to commence some invasive works if the damage is extreme. Plaster is a very porous material that can quickly be damaged by excessive water absorption. Wet walls and structures are also breading grounds for mould and if not managed will result in compromised structures that may be unsafe.
Our Water Damaged Carpet Technicians are Water Damage Restoration and Mould Remediation Specialists and will address all signs of water damage and mould identified to assist in the prevention of any secondary issues on all affected surfaces, not just your carpets.

Implement Water Damaged Carpet Drying and Moisture Control Program

After excess water is removed from your water damaged carpets and affected structures are dealt with to remove all contamination and any mould, the drying program can be instigated.

Our Water Damaged Carpet Restoration Technicians will use industrial strength fans known as Air movers, which circulate large volumes of cold air that promotes the drying of your carpets, underlay and the subfloor.  In effect, the fans promote fast evaporation of water. Where the structure is affected, we use structural dryers to effectively dry the wet structure such as walls and ceilings.

To achieve the best drying outcome our Water Restoration Technicians may need to lift your carpets and if necessary, they may need to remove damaged underlay. At the end of the water damaged drying program the carpet and underlay can be reinstated.
It is important that any water damaged carpet drying program is supported by the correct moisture control program to avoid moisture circulation which might cause mould. Special machines called Dehumidifiers are used to draw moisture, generated by the drying activity, from the air so that it does not cause issues of mould and odour. Dehumidification aids in the removal of the damp odour of wet carpet.
The drying and dehumidification activity promotes fast evaporation of water and reduces moisture and humidity to optimal levels required for a dry and safe living environment.

Carpet Repair and Structural Reinstatement

When our water damaged carpet drying and structural drying programs are completed our Water Damage Restoration technicians, can organise to have any removed underlay replaced and if carpet has been cut, we can organise a carpet installer to replace or repair it. If your carpet was lifted for drying, we can relay it for you. If there is any staining or browning on your carpet, we can undertake a steam cleaning program to remove the staining.

Our aim at this stage of our Water Damaged Restoration program is to ensure your home or business is returned to its pre-loss condition. If we have had to cut out plaster or removed skirting boards, we can organise for it to be reinstated. If any other reinstatement work is required, we can assist you.

Water Damaged Carpet Insurance Reporting

At Capital Facility Services our technicians capture all information collected through their assessment and ongoing work through a specially designed Mobile App which provides a live feed to our CRM system. Our system is backed with Sales force, a world leading CRM innovator, which means we have the latest technology available to assist us with our information collection, storage, and generation of insurance reports.

We capture all necessary data and information about every attendance we undertake to access, dry, and reinstate your property to its pre-loss position. This information can be easily transformed into reporting suitable for Insurance companies and Assessors to support any insurance claim you may be undertaking
We keep track of our moisture readings throughout the drying program, we take thermal images and photograph all the work we do, with evidence to support why we do it. All of which can be provided in our reporting to you for your insurance claim. Our reporting has been shared with major Insurance companies in Australia and has assisted in the management of Water Damage claims from both businesses and residential property owners.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damaged Carpet Drying

How to best dry water damaged carpet after flooding?

The best way to dry water damaged carpet is to engage with an IICRC certified restoration company. In Melbourne you can call Capital Facility Services 24/7 on 1300 554 418. We will advise you on how to proceed specifically to the issue you have on hand.

How long does it take for carpet to dry after water damage?

In our experience it takes on average 3 days to dry wet carpet and underlay when effective water extraction has removed excessive water saturation from water damaged carpets. Where there has been excessive water absorption it can take up to 7 days. These are estimate affected by multiple factors.

Can water damaged carpet be saved?

Carpet can be saved if it has been affected by clean water and a minimal amount of water absorption has occurred. This is why it is important to act fast to have a professional water damage restoration company extract excess water and commence professional drying of your water damaged carpet as soon as possible.
Carpet affected by contaminated water is unlikely to be able to be saved and the longer clean water is left on your carpet the more likely it will transform into contaminated water that will result in your carpet being contaminated and not salvageable.

How to dry water damaged carpet as quickly as possible?

For fast effective drying of water damaged carpet engage a reputable Water Damage Restoration company, like Capital Facility Services. A certified restorer will impellent a drying and dehumidification program that will promote fast evaporation of water and the removal of moisture and humidity from the air allowing for the quickest and safest drying approach.

What happens if the carpet is wet for too long?

Carpet is made up of porous fibres and if it is left wet for too long it will absorb large amounts of water that will affect its structural integrity.  Mould breeds in moist environments and from organic matter, so wet carpet provides the optimal environment for mould to grow, breed and spread.

We recommend that water damaged carpet is addressed as a priority and at least within 24 hours of being affected. Leaving carpet wet for any longer means it is unlikely to be salvageable. If carpet is affected by contaminated water such a sewage call us to have it removed as a priority, it can not be saved.

How much does it cost to dry water damaged carpet?

The cost of drying water damaged carpet is dependent on a number of variables including the extent of the damage, the number of rooms affected, the amount of water in question and how clean or contaminated the water is. To discuss your specific water damaged carpet issue call us on 1300 554 418 and we will ask you some questions to get an overview of the water damage and can then provide you some estimates of costs. It is only after a thorough assessment from a Water Damage Restoration Technician that we can give you a more accurate overview of costs.

Should you remove or dry water damaged carpet?

Water damaged carpet can be saved, if affected by clean water. You must act fast to have excess water removed from saturated carpet and to have a professional drying program installed.

How long does it take for mould to grow in wet carpet?

Mould can start growing in wet carpet within 24 hours or sooner depending on the type of water that has affected your carpet and the amount of water that has affected your carpet.

The faster you have excess water professionally extracted and professional drying and moisture control commenced the more likely you are to save yourself from having to deal with water damaged carpet mould issues.

Does mould always grow on wet carpet?

Mould does not always grow on wet carpet. However, the longer you take to dry your water damaged carpet, the more likely you are to have issues of mould growth appear. Mould can start appearing within 24hours, so act fast and have your water damaged carpet accessed and dried professionally.

If your carpet is affected by sewerage or contaminated water, it is likely to show signs of mould growth much faster than carpet that is affected by clean water. Carpet contaminated by black water must always be removed, as it is not hygienic. Our advice is to have a professional remove it as a priority.

Who should I call to help dry water damaged carpet in Melbourne?

Capital Facility Services provides a fast and dependable 24/7 Water Damage Carpet Restoration Melbourne Service. We are in the Northern suburbs and can quickly reach any part of Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Call us on 1300 554 418 to find out how we can be of assistance.

What Our Clients Say

Steve Mastropoulos
Steve Mastropoulos
Read More
A sewage overflow caused a big mess. The guys from Capital took it in their stride and cleaned it all up, removing contaminated items that could not be saved. Within hours our home was back to normal. Huss was great and hardworking in a very testing environment
Angela Giokas
Angela Giokas
Read More
When I receive good service I like to let other people know. Shout out to Jerry and Huss. We had a water leak and Capital facility services provided a damage assessment report and helped us with our insurance company to fix the problem. Thanks for your great work, guidance and making the process easy.
Tim Dalton
Tim Dalton
Read More
I found mould in my house and Capital came to fix the problem. They removed all the mould. I was very happy with the service they provided and also with he communication from their office. I definitely recomend Capital whether the job is big or small, their team can hadle it.
Jodie Theets
Jodie Theets
Read More
Huss and the other technician took control and cleaned and dried our wet carpet. They discovered mould issues and showed them to us and explained what had to be done. They built a containment and kept our kids same from toxic mould issues until all the mould was removed. They where true gems and we are thankful they were there to help us. Thanks from all of the Theets!
Stacey Papaevangelou
Stacey Papaevangelou
Read More
Jerry was a very helpful and professional in his manner to help with what I need done for the damages I had at home !!! Thank you Jerry my experience was made very easy .

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