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Water Damage Emergency

Water Damage Emergency

Professional Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

At Capital Facility Services we understand that an unexpected flood at your home or workplace can be very unsettling. This is why we offer a 24×7 flood damage restoration service aimed at removing the flood and excess water, protecting your content, drying water damaged carpet and other structures. We also engage a process control moisture levels in order to prevent any mould and mildew that can appear if surfaces are not dried properly and excess moisture is not removed from the atmosphere in the affected areas.

Call our emergency assist service on 1300 554 418 at any time to find out how we can help you in your time of need. We aim to attend all flood and water damage emergency requests within 1 hour across all of Melbourne.
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What to do if you have a flood and water damaged house or office

What type of flood water damage does Capital Facility Services address?

Whatever the cause for your carpet, other flooring, walls, ceilings, plaster etc being flooded and wet we can assist you. We know that the most common causes of floods are burst pipes, washing machine overflow, overflow of water in bathrooms, sewage overflow and flooding from severe storms. Alternatively, you might have issues of water ingress from facia, leaking roofs, poorly sealed windows and doors. Whatever, the cause we are equipped with the expertise and skills to address your flood water damage issue.

How quickly after my home or business is affected by flood or water damage do I need to commence the restoration process?

Immediately, the longer you leave your flood or water damaged home or business saturated with water the more damage is occurring and the larger your restoration bill will be. Within hours water will start to rise up walls and will absorb into your subfloor and other fixed structures. Issues of mould and mildew can appear extremely quickly so you should not risk waiting.

Who do I call if I am affected by a flood or other form of water damage to my home or business?

Take immediate action if you are affected by a flood or other form of water damage and call a flood damage restoration expert service in your area; they will know what to do. Make sure you use a reputable water damage restoration provider that is accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.(IICRC). At Capital Facility Services we are IICRC certified water damage restorers, so you can be confident you are dealing with experts in this field. We are available 24×7 and aim to attend to your flood damage within an hour across Melbourne, this is because we understand how important it is to address the flood water damage immediately. Call our emergency assist line anytime on 1300 554 418.

What can I do to limit the damage from flood water in my home or business?

  • If you are in a severe flood zone, put your safety first.
  • If possible identify and stop the source off water flow causing the flood. Turn off taps, switch off the water from the mains if you have a burst pipe or cannot turn off taps.
  • Shut down power to all areas affected by the rising flood water.
  • Wipe down wet furniture and remove it from flood affected rooms, but if this is not possible try to lift smaller furniture and other valued items above the water levels.
  • Remove any rugs and other valuables to a dry area.
  • The more items you can remove from the flood or water damaged room the better, this will reduce the amount of moisture they absorb and will limit any damage to these items.
  • Protect any drapes by lifting them off the floor.
  • Open windows and doors to help with air circulation.
  • Try to mop out as much water as you can or use large light coloured towels to pick up as much water as you can.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do if I am affected by a flood or other water damage?

There are a few important things you should not do if you are affected by flood or water damage.
  • Never use your vacuum cleaner to remove water from your carpet or floor. It does not work and can cause you to be electrocuted.
  • Never use electrical appliances in water damaged areas as they may cause electrocution.
  • Do not wait for your flood or water damaged home or business to dry naturally, you could be causing more damage, much of the damage being caused is not immediately visible.

What do Water Damage Restoration service providers like Capital Facility Services do?

An IICRC certified water damage restoration service provider like Capital Facility Services will first use specialised equipment to determine what surfaces are wet and the degree of saturation. The readings from this equipment direct how the drying program will be conducted against different surfaces. Often water wicks up the wall or your substructure and this cannot be felt by touch, the specialised water damaged inspection equipment identifies this less obvious water damage to your home or business.

A mitigation program then commences to extract water from the affected carpet and other areas and will then undertake a high powered drying process using high powered drying equipment to dry your wet carpet, wet floor and wet sub-floor. Walls and other structured areas will also be dried using heavy duty structural drying equipment and techniques.

During the drying process drying equipment will be left in your home or business, as will equipment that addresses the humidity in the areas being dried to ensure that all excess moisture is being captured and removed, reducing any future issues of mould and mildew from occurring.

Once the drying process is completed, the restoration program can commence. This can involve new flooring or underlay, replastering and painting, or it could involve rebuilding of some structural elements of your home or business that cannot be restored.

At Capital Facility Services we project manage all aspects of the restoration program with our network of specialised service providers, including electricians, plumbers, builders, cabinet makers etc.

How long will it take to dry the water from my home or business?

This depends on the degree of water saturation. In many cases it takes between 3-5 days. At Capital Facility Services we use specialised water saturation reading equipment during the drying process to determine the length of the drying process and design a program that is specific to the needs of each client.

Do you provide water damage assessment reports for insurance companies?

If your insurance company requires a report to show the extent of the water damage we can provide it to them, as well as a detailed outline of the restoration program we undertook. This type of reporting can be of great assistance to you if you are making an insurance claim on your flood or water damage.

What Our Clients Say

Steve Mastropoulos
Steve Mastropoulos
Read More
A sewage overflow caused a big mess. The guys from Capital took it in their stride and cleaned it all up, removing contaminated items that could not be saved. Within hours our home was back to normal. Huss was great and hardworking in a very testing environment
Angela Giokas
Angela Giokas
Read More
When I receive good service I like to let other people know. Shout out to Jerry and Huss. We had a water leak and Capital facility services provided a damage assessment report and helped us with our insurance company to fix the problem. Thanks for your great work, guidance and making the process easy.
Tim Dalton
Tim Dalton
Read More
I found mould in my house and Capital came to fix the problem. They removed all the mould. I was very happy with the service they provided and also with he communication from their office. I definitely recomend Capital whether the job is big or small, their team can hadle it.
Jodie Theets
Jodie Theets
Read More
Huss and the other technician took control and cleaned and dried our wet carpet. They discovered mould issues and showed them to us and explained what had to be done. They built a containment and kept our kids same from toxic mould issues until all the mould was removed. They where true gems and we are thankful they were there to help us. Thanks from all of the Theets!
Stacey Papaevangelou
Stacey Papaevangelou
Read More
Jerry was a very helpful and professional in his manner to help with what I need done for the damages I had at home !!! Thank you Jerry my experience was made very easy .

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