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Mould Removal And Mould Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Mould Removal, Mould Repairs and Mould Damage Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Capital Facility Services specialises in providing professional mould removal and mould damage cleaning and restoration services across Melbourne. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) in Applied Mould Remediation for our mould remediation service and follow their standards in all mould removal, mould cleaning and mould remediation programs we manage.

Mould facts to be aware of:

  • Mould is a fungus that forms and reproducers via micro spores that travel through the air and attach themselves to moist environment. Mould should be contained so that it does not continue to spread.
  • Mould has different forms and may not always be easy to identify. It could look like a stain or a smudge or it could appear to be discoloration or look like “fuzz.”  Mould is not always easy to recognise. The most common moulds are black, green, or white. You may not always see mould, sometimes you will smell it. It could be hidden behind furniture, inside cupboards, in your roof cavity or under your house.
  • Mould will grow in damp and poorly ventilated environments. Mould loves moist and humid environments and seeks out organic matter from which it sustains itself and spreads, such as wood or dirt on surfaces. Mould also tends to digest synthetic materials like paints and adhesives.
  • To prevent and reduce mould issues in your home you must remove the moisture and humidity from your environment. If the moisture levels in your home or business continue to be high the mould issue will continue to appear and spread. No one can guarantee that mould will not reappear in a humid environment, so be aware!
  • Mould spores are toxic and can affect your health. You are at serious risk if you are exposed to it or try to clean it without following the correct procedures and without the appropriate PPE. The Victorian Better Health website provides information on mould and your health.

Capital Facility Services Mould Removal and Mould Cleaning Process

1. Mould contamination online review and onsite mould assessment: An assessment is undertaken before any mould removal or mould cleaning is performed by our Mould Removal Specialists in Melbourne. 

  • Online mould removal reviews and estimates are provided free of charge. We will give you a guide on what we think might be required.  These reviews are not always sufficient to address all unknown issues that can be addressed by an onsite assessment but are a good way to start the dialogue of what might be required.
  • Detailed onsite professional mould removal assessments. Through an onsite Mould Contamination Assessment our aim is to identify the cause of the mould growth, so we can determine the best way to address it so that the mould does not keep growing back. Where necessary we will organise, laboratory-based mould testing by qualified hygienists. If the mould issue is not extensive, we may be able to contain it during the initial assessment to reduce the risk of it spreading. There is a fee associated to this service.

2. Professional mould removal scope of works: Our team of Mould Removal Specialists will plan the best way to remove the mould, clean and disinfect the contaminated area and how to restore the affected surface/structure to it’s original condition. Through this process we aim to determine the best way to isolate and address the root cause of the mould issue so that moisture levels or water ingress issues are eliminated. At this stage we can provide you with our detailed assessment and scope of works and associated costs to support any insurance claim.

3. Install mould containment: As required, we will contain the affected mould areas to prevent further spread of mould during the execution of the mould removal and mould remediation program. Where there is extensive mould, our mould remediation program is carried out in the contained area, and we use special air filtration devices and other equipment to reduce mould from travelling during the restoration process.

4. Eliminate cause of mould growth: Removing mould or cleaning mould without addressing the cause of moisture and dampness is not an effective long-term way to manage mould growth issues. At Capital Facility Services we are certified to undertake water damage restoration and we can identify and address the moisture issue itself. During this phase we can restore leaking pipes, roofs and address any issues with compromised gutters, facia, poorly sealed windows, or ventilation issues.

5. Undertake mould removal and mould cleaning program: Our mould removal and mould cleaning programs are aligned to the type of mould found and how far spread, the mould contamination issue is found to be. For minor issues, we use the correct chemicals and cleaning processes to remove surface mould. However for situations where extensive mould has travelled beyond the surface, it will need to be cut out, removed, and disposed of according to industry guidelines.

6. Commence elevated moisture drying program: When the mould cleaning and mould removal program is finalised, it is important that moisture levels are returned to acceptable levels. We monitor moisture levels and as required will undertake a drying program to ensure that moisture levels and humidity are within acceptable ranges on job completion. It is, however, important to ensure the source of the elevated moisture is addressed, otherwise on completion of our work, the moisture will become elevated, and it is likely that the mould issue will return.

7. Manage restoration of mould affected structure: As a Mould Remediation Specialist provider, we have the skills and knowhow to manage the mould removal and mould repair program end to end. We can undertake all required demolition work and rebuild work such as plastering and painting of surfaces from which mould was cut out and removed. As required, we draw on our network of expert providers in different fields to complete works required and we undertake management of all trades to deliver the result for our clients.

8. Provide insurance reporting: At Capital Facility Services we can provide reports to support your insurance claim, to assist with a smooth settlement process. We have experience in working with insurance assessors and property management groups to ensure mould issues are addressed effectively.

Mould Cleaning Melbourne and Mould Removal Melbourne

If you require a professional mould removal specialist in Melbourne and surrounding areas, call us on 1300 554 418 to discuss your mould removal requirements and find out how our Mould Removal Specialists in Melbourne can help you.

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