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Water & Flood Damage Restoration

24×7 Rapid Response for all Water and Flood Damage Emergencies across Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Capital Facility Services offers extensive water damage restoration services, across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We have expertise in dealing with insurance companies and managing restoration programs for both residential and commercial clients.

We pride ourselves in our fast response and can be contacted 24/7 for emergency work. We aim to attend to your water or flood-damaged environment within 1 hour across Melbourne, so we can assess your situation, develop a restoration program and in most cases commence work immediately.

Our aim is to address your water damage issues quickly, to avoid secondary damage that can result from the delayed restoration. We specialise in water damaged carpet drying and cleaning, across Melbourne and utilise  IICRC accredited techniques to ensure rapid restoration is undertaken in the most appropriate manner in accordance with the type of water damage and the extent of the saturation across your floor coverings (carpet, timber etc), subfloor, walls, and building structures.

Our 6-Step Process

Our 6-step water damage restoration process ensures we address all aspects of water and flood damage quickly and efficiently. We know this is a stressful time, so we want to ensure it is easy for you to understand the steps involved to address your water damage and are happy to answer any questions you may have. By engaging our services, we want you to have peace of mind that your property will be restored by a professional water damage restoration Melbourne based company.

Inspect, Assess & Plan

In any water damage situation, our first step is to detect the cause of water damage and to identify exactly what has been affected and what needs to be restored.
Our water damage inspections and assessments are performed by experienced Water Damage Technicians using moisture sensors/meters and thermal cameras to map where the damage is and its extent.
At this early stage our Water Damage Specialists will identify what is known as the Category of Water Damage and the Class of Water Damage and will devise their action plan on their findings.
The lower the class and category the more straight forward and less expensive the water damage make safe and restoration program. This is because the water damage is from clean water that has not saturated the affected environment and has not been absorbed to any great degree by the surfaces and materials affected. Note however, that clean water can turn into contaminated water if not addressed promptly.
The higher the category and class of the water damage the more complicated the make safe and flood damage restoration program will be. The reason being that the water is contaminated with pathogens and is unsanitary. Where there is extensive flooding and high absorption of water from affected materials and structures, the water damage restoration program is more complicated, extensive, and expensive.

Make Safe and Water Extraction

In any water damage situation, our first goal is to stop the source of water damage, to make your premises safe and to stop the risk of further damage. As needed, we can organise for emergency plumbing and electrical work and can have your roof tarped, your ceiling supported, or your windows boarded to prevent further water ingress and damage. With your permission we can also demolish any unsafe structures like wet ceilings that are holding water and are in danger of collapsing.
It is important that furniture and furnishings that are in contact with the wet surfaces are elevated or moved to safer environments. If this has not been done before we arrive, we can manage this process for you.
At Capital Facility Services we use specialised water extraction vacuum equipment with a very high airflow and suction capacity to extract the maximum amount of water possible from affected surfaces.
In carparks, warehouses, and other commercial settings we use water scrubbers to efficiently remove extensive amounts of water from vast open spaces.
By removing the excess water, we remove the risk of further water absorption into affected materials and reduce the risk of mould growth that is a secondary issue that can arise in wet and moist environments. Through water extraction we also set up for the most optimal and efficient water damage drying and moisture control program.

Eliminate Contaminants, Odour and Poor Air Quality

Depending on the Category and Class of water damage, anti-microbial treatment will be used to sanitise, control, and reduce the extent of bacteria and odour to water damaged materials, surfaces and building structures.

Controlling bacteria in affected environments will also reduce the secondary risk of mould damage as mould breeds and quickly spreads in wet and moist environments.

If mould is found, we will contain the affected areas and continue our water damage restoration program in the contained environment to avoid the spread of mould. If mould is imbedded into the building structure or flooring such as wet carpet, we will need to cut it out and dispose of it. Similarly, sewage affected materials and structures will need to be managed using our Sewage Cleaning Program.

As required, heavy duty air filtration devices are used to eliminate air borne bacteria, mould particles and odours. This simple step dramatically reduces the risk of the spread of contaminants and significantly reduces the extent of damage and repair costs.

Drying and Moisture Control

The drying phase of our Water Damage Repair program includes the management of airflow, temperature, and moisture. These factors are controlled using specialised Air Movers, Dehumidifiers, and other commercial grade drying equipment to provide effective drying programs for the different classes and categories of water damage on different surfaces
Where required we lift wet carpet and wet underlay to maximise drying of these materials and the affected subfloor. We may need to drill holes in wet walls and cabinetry kickers to allow for the most effective air flow and we may need to cut plaster in your walls or ceiling to allow for improved airflow in wet cavities. Our Water Damage Specialists will always undertake the most effective drying program specific to each water damage scenario they are addressing.
Our Water Damage Specialists monitor and adjust the drying and moisture control programs at regular intervals, usually every 2-3days. On average it takes 3-5 days for a wet environment to be dried, given an appropriate drying program has been implemented.

Reinstatement and Reconstruction

Our water damage service includes the reinstatement of the water damaged properties we make safe and dry.
We repair and steam clean water-stained and damaged carpet and upholstery. We can relay dried carpet and underly that was lifted for drying and can organise for new carpet and underlay where water damaged ones were contaminated and required removal and disposal. We can lay new timber and laminate flooring where required.
Where we have had to cut plaster, we can organise for replastering and painting, as well as for the repair of the underlying structural elements. Our network of professional trades is on standby to assist us to reinstate our client’s water damaged properties quickly.
All reinstatement and repair works are overseen, and project managed by our Restoration Operations Manager, ensuring they receive the highest visibility and support across our operation.

Activity and Insurance Reporting

At Capital Facility Services we keep detailed records of all our findings and actions regarding each of the Water Damage Restoration programs we undertake.

We monitor moisture levels, take photos and note our findings and actions on each attendance. This information is captured electronically on site using our mobile App and is automatically available to our office where it can be transformed into detailed reports. Where required we can provide details of our findings and actions through reports that can be used by your insurance company to support any insurance claims.

We work with many insurance companies and know their requirements, so you can be comfortable in knowing our reporting will assist you to settle any insurance claims quickly.
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What you get when you choose Capital Facility Services to manage your Water Damage Restoration Program

We are Melbourne based with 20 years experience in water and flood damage restoration.

With 20 years experience, we specialise in wet carpet drying, water/flood damage and sewage backflow cleanups, where we extract water and dry wet surfaces quickly to avoid further damage. We know that the main causes of water damage are Flood/Storm damage – Sewerage damage – Plumbing Damage – Fire Damage and we have effective solutions to manage each of these situations. We also have technicians specialising in Fire Damage Restoration focused on the removal of smoke and soot resulting from fires.

1-hour rapid response emergency service available 24/7 across Melbourne.

Emergency services are available 24/7. We aim to be at your premises within an hour to ensure we assess the water damage and create a remediation program specific to your needs. If needed, we will commence work immediately to reduce the magnitude of structural and cosmetic damage to your premises. Flood damaged carpet water extraction and drying programs commence immediately.

Expertise available to manage Commercial flood damage restoration programs.

Over the years we have managed a number of flood restoration programs for large commercial operators spanning from Golf Courses through to Hospitals. We have the manpower and expertise to project manage large scale operations working with multiple stakeholders and can accommodate specific reporting requirements for our commercial clients

Water and flood damage assessment reporting available to support insurance claims.

Our Water Damage Restoration technicians are certified by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration and use the latest techniques to ensure the most effective outcome. So, you can be assured your water damage restoration is leading and attended to by qualified experts. Where carpet or underlay replacement is required we use qualified technicians to ensure the highest standard outcomes are achieved.

Access to qualified technicians using the latest techniques to manage your flood and or water damage restoration programs.

Water and Flood Damage Assessment Reports are available on all work to support Insurance Claims. These reports can be short or detailed depending on the requirements of your insurance company and provide an independent assessment from a qualified Water Damage Restoration Technician.

Access to our quick recovery and future issue avoidance restoration program.

With 20 years experience, we specialise in wet carpet drying, water/flood damage and sewage backflow cleanups, where we extract water and dry wet surfaces quickly to avoid further damage. We know that the main causes of water damage are Flood/Storm damage – Sewerage damage – Plumbing Damage – Fire Damage and we have effective solutions to manage each of these situations. We also have technicians specialising in Fire Damage Restoration focused on the removal of smoke and soot resulting from fires.

We use state of the art specialised equipment for repair of all flood and water damage facilities.

Specialised equipment and techniques are used to ensure quick and effective results. Water penetrates into structural cavities creating trapped pockets of saturation. The detection of water in these areas can often only be discovered with sophisticated Moisture Detection Meters. The use of these Meters is standard in all our work as undetected moisture will continue to cause damage.
Specially designed and engineered Air Movers deliver a high volume of airflow over and under wet surfaces to speed up the drying process. As a prolonged drying time is often the main cause of problems. it is critical that this equipment is used swiftly after a flood or extensive water damage may occur.
We also use specialised Dehumidifiers to capture moisture in the air. In effect it sucks excess water from the air. If this excess water in the air if left in the water damaged room it will attach to available surfaces causing future problems of mould and mildew. Lastly we use Deodorising Equipment to control and eradicate odour problems that have been created as an outcome of the water damage.

Access to our specialised partners for quick recovery through centralised project management, from a qualified Water Damage Restoration Technician.

We have partnerships with plasters, painters and licensed plumbers allowing for a quick and holistic approach to our recovery programs. We can manage your entire recovery project for you and we can bring your home or business back to a functioning state quickly and cost efficiently.

Storage facilities for protection of undamaged goods in a flood damage disaster zone.

Our warehouse facility can be used by clients to protect goods from water and fire residue, reducing the recovery bill and allowing for a more cost effective recovery.

What Our Clients Say

Steve Mastropoulos
Steve Mastropoulos
Read More
A sewage overflow caused a big mess. The guys from Capital took it in their stride and cleaned it all up, removing contaminated items that could not be saved. Within hours our home was back to normal. Huss was great and hardworking in a very testing environment
Angela Giokas
Angela Giokas
Read More
When I receive good service I like to let other people know. Shout out to Jerry and Huss. We had a water leak and Capital facility services provided a damage assessment report and helped us with our insurance company to fix the problem. Thanks for your great work, guidance and making the process easy.
Tim Dalton
Tim Dalton
Read More
I found mould in my house and Capital came to fix the problem. They removed all the mould. I was very happy with the service they provided and also with he communication from their office. I definitely recomend Capital whether the job is big or small, their team can hadle it.
Jodie Theets
Jodie Theets
Read More
Huss and the other technician took control and cleaned and dried our wet carpet. They discovered mould issues and showed them to us and explained what had to be done. They built a containment and kept our kids same from toxic mould issues until all the mould was removed. They where true gems and we are thankful they were there to help us. Thanks from all of the Theets!
Stacey Papaevangelou
Stacey Papaevangelou
Read More
Jerry was a very helpful and professional in his manner to help with what I need done for the damages I had at home !!! Thank you Jerry my experience was made very easy .

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