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Sewage Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Sewage Overflow Clean Up Service in Melbourne

Capital Facility Services provides expert sewage cleaning services across Melbourne. We provide professional cleaning and decontamination services for sewage overflows, septic backup, and spills. We are a Water Damage Restoration company certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration  and have managed sewage overflow cleaning programs across Melbourne for over many decades.

We deliver professional sewage clean-up and sanitation programs for all sewage overflow issues across Melbourne. We manage all types of sewage clean-up programs; including toilet back flows, leaking and burst sewage pipes, sewage overflow from septic pipes and blocked drains.

We have professional sewage cleaners available to clean the sewage contamination inside your home or business, as well as in difficult spaces that sewage overflows tend to manifest, like under your home, where pipe leaks and burst, are known to result in sewage overflow issues.

Warning: Take care around sewage, it can be toxic to your health

Sewage overflow is known as black water, meaning it is contaminated and unsanitary. Sewage overflow tends to spread fast and will contaminate all surfaces it contacts.  Exposure to sewage could be hazards to the health of humans, it contains infested bacteria and unhealthy pathogens, so keep away from it.

Make sure you do not handle or attempt to clean sewage build up and overflows without the correct safety protective equipment, as exposure could be toxic and dangerous to your health.

Our professional sewage cleaning process:

1. Sewage overflow clean up online estimate and onsite assessment service. We can provide an online estimate of what would be required to undertake a sewage cleaning program.   However, it only when our sewage cleaning specialists are on site that we can undertake a detailed assessment of your sewage backflow issue using our specialised equipment and skills to determine the extent of the problem.

2. Define scope of works. When on site our sewage cleaners can define a program to reduce or stop the overflow and commence the clean-up and sanitation program, this is done after the assessment phase has been completed.

3. Contaminated sewage overflow extraction.  At Capital, as required, we use water extraction machines to remove sewage from inside or under your building or outdoor space.

4. Disinfecting and sanitisation to remove bacteria, odour and improve air quality. Specialised antimicrobial treatment is used to clean disinfect and to remove the risk of bacteria contaminating surrounding surfaces.  Our mould removal specialists undertake programs to kill wet odours and as needed utilise Air Filtration Devices to improve air quality in affected areas.   As needed, we use builders’ lime to neutralise waste water in outdoor areas, so that it is less harmful, this process also helps reduce the odour associated with sewage overflow.

5. Remediation program after sewage clean-up.  At Capital we advise our clients to dispose of personal items and material that have been contaminated by sewage water. We can organise this for you. The IICRC standards we follow requires that material contaminated with black water such as sewage overflow, are not salvageable and should be carefully removed from site and disposed of. Items that we tend to remove after they have been contaminated by sewage include, carpet and carpet underlay, upholstered furniture, curtains etc. Hard surfaces we can clean and sanitise without the need to remove them are, bricks, paving, concrete, and the like.

6. Structural reinstatement. Capital Facility Services can undertake the sewage overflow clean up program and any demolition work that is required to access the affected areas and remove sewage affected unsalvageable surfaces that are not restorable. We can then assist you to reinstate the affected areas and rebuild any structures that were affected. We have a network of trades we use for replastering, floorboard repairs and reinstatement, carpet laying, painting, and the like.

7. Monitoring and insurance reporting. We monitor the sewage cleaning and restoration activities required from start to end and have experience in the management of the reinstatement program after sewage cleaners have completed their work. We keep our clients informed on our progress and can provide reports to assist with insurance claims.

What to do before professional sewage cleaning services arrive:

  • Keep way from confined contaminated spaces and do not touch sewage contaminated surfaces. Exposure to sewage overflow could get you sick as it contains bacteria and pathogens that are harmful to human health.
  • If you have a burst pipe issue that has caused the sewage or waste water overflow, then make sure to turn off the mains water supply.
  • To avoid electrocution, make sure to switch off electricity in areas that have waste water and sewage overflow flooding.
  • Ensure a qualified plumber accesses the cause of the overflow problem, we can organise this for you, even before we arrive. The problem will need to be identified and fixed before the sewage cleaner can effectively clean the sewage overflow.
  • Make sure to improve ventilation in the affected areas. Open windows and doors to the outdoors to improve airflow, this will reduce the risk mould growth.
  • We recommend that central heating and cooling is not used until the sewage contamination is cleaned and the cause addressed. Running heating/cooling systems could spread the bacteria and pathogens other areas and could increase the risk of further contamination.
  • It is important that you do not move sewage affected items into clean spaces, as you may end up spreading the contamination into previously unaffected spaces. We recommend that if you are moving any contaminated items, move them outdoors to a concreted area, not on organic matter like soil or grass.

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