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Commerical Cleaning Services Overview

At Capital Facility Services we deliver a range of regular and periodical cleaning programs designed specifically for the commercial office and retail sectors in Melbourne. We take our business seriously and have developed our business processes to enable continuous improvement, innovation and cost efficiencies for our clients across Melbourne.

Project Management – Commercial Office and Retail Cleaning Programs

Our commercial, office and retail cleaning programs are developed using project management disciplines that allow us to track our progress and enable a continuous improvement approach.  A project plan is developed and managed by our Business Development and Improvement Team which is also responsible for its successful implementation and ongoing monitoring to ensure client satisfaction.

The table below provides a high level summary of our approach to designing  commercial cleaning services for our clients in Melbourne.  The same approach is used to develop office cleaning programs, retail cleaning programs and cleaning programs for the industrial sector, where we specialise in all forms of warehouse cleaning functions.

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Approach

Operational Account Management –  Melbourne Commercial and Office Cleaning Clients

An Account Manager is allocated to service each of our existing and new commercial, office and industrial cleaning clients.  Operational Account Managers ensure that our commercial retail, office and industrial cleaning program are implemented according to the agreed schedule of works, for the agreed time, within budget and to a client satisfaction level of at least 85%.

This is the person who will conduct regular cleaning inspections and ensure the cleaning team is skilled and appropriately trained to deliver the highest standard of commercial, office and industrial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services Client Help Desk

A 24/7 Customer Service function  is available to all our commercial cleaning clients in Melbourne. The customer service team is on hand to assist with any urgent issues, take orders for washroom consumables and ensure any questions or concerns our clients have are managed effectively and to agreed response times. For any unresolved issue we have an escalation process that ensures any concerns are managed effectively by the most relevant person in our organisation.

Commercial Cleaning Program Performance Reporting

As part of the set up of each new client’s cleaning program reporting requirements are scoped and agreed on. Regular performance reports are generated and performance reviews undertaken to ensure continual improvement.

A program of inspections is also implemented for our commercial and office cleaning services in Melbourne.  This program ensure clients and our Operational Account Managers are working together to ensure the highest level of cleanliness is achieved in the most efficient, environmentally and OH&S friendly way

Commercial and Office Cleaning Services Health and Safety Program

A key part of what we do is to ensure all our staff know the safe way to do their work and follow the work safe practices we have to ensure each cleaning task is performed to the highest standard and in the safest way.   We undertake staff training, have a hotline for them to raise any ideas for improvement or to highlight any concerns regarding the commercial and industrial cleaning programs they work on.

Staff Reliability and Security

Our staff are security screened and are required to maintain updated police checks every 12 months.  They are trained on our code of ethics and abiding by this code is key requirement of employment.  Our staff must also hold relevant identification at all times and are trained on what to do in an emergency.

If a staff member in Melbourne can not attend to a cleaning program due to illness we  will use a relief cleaner to ensure that our clients cleaning program is implemented without disruption.

Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Retail Cleaning and Office Cleaning are areas we have continued to work in, and improve our services delivery in, for over 20 years.  Call us and we will be more than happy to define a relevant cleaning program specific to your Commercial and/or Industrial cleaning needs.

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