Capital Facility Services Awarded For Excellence In Customer Service

For the third year in a row, Capital Facility Services has been “Highly Recommended” as part of the Australian Achiever Awards, scoring 96.19% in customer satisfaction.

The award was achieved in the category of Cleaning and Maintenance Services and Supplies.

Some of the comments received during the review process from our clients are:

It has been hard to find reliable and trustworthy cleaners in the past so I am very happy that I found Capital Facility Services. The high level of the constancy and quality of their work is great. I even received calls from tenants praising the quality of the cleaning. I reckon their work has made my job easier. I will definitely continue to use them into the log term.

I deal with Helen and Jerry when I need to speak to anyone from Capital Facility Services They are both very polite when I deal with them. They are happy to assist me when it is required and they go above and beyond the services I expected. If I have any issues, I can call either of them and I know that they will be followed up immediately. I think that the commercial cleaning part of the business is what they do best.

Capital Facility Services beat the competition on service and price. The staff follow-up on issues within 24 hours, if the need arises. I feel I get treated as a client, rather than just another number. The main person I deal with is Jerry, the owner of the business. He provides a good, old-fashioned, overall service.