Why you should have water damage addressed quickly!!

Why it’s critical to address water damage urgently!!

When water contacts and penetrates surfaces and materials ( carpet, tiles, walls, beams, timber, concrete etc) in your home or business, its condition changes and even clean water flooding from tap overflows or flooding from rain, can quickly be transformed into contaminated water that is unsanitary for humans. The main problem is that as time passes and temperature conditions change, becoming more humid, fungi and bacteria grow contaminating the surfaces they come into contact with.

To make matters worse water tends to wick-up walls and penetrates subfloors and other structures fairly quickly spreading contamination where water damage is not managed in a timely fashion. Within hours unattended water damage starts to change in form and spreads in ways that are not easily observed by the naked eye. An untrained person cannot easily assess the extent of water damage, a water damage restoration specialist is required to inspect the damage, develop and implement an effective water damage restoration program that will avoid future issues of mould and mildew.

If your water damage is from overflow of a washing machine or dishwasher then it is considered to be grey water. This type of water damage has a low level of contamination but the contaminates can quickly become unsanitary if they are not managed by a water damage restoration specialist immediately. This type of flood damage must be attended to by a water damage restoration specialist in an even higher priority than clean water as it can become unsanitary much faster.

Black water is often from sewage and is contaminated containing micro-organisms that are harmful to humans. This type of water damage often causes extensive flooding in bathrooms and below the subfloor. This type of flood water damage is extremely unhealthy to humans and must be managed by a certified water damage restoration technician urgently, in order limit contamination and to avoid disease.

Make sure the Flood and Water Damage Restoration Technician you call is certified by the IICRC and uses the standards of this globally governing industry body.

At Capital Facility Services all of our flood damage restoration technicians are IICRC certified so you can be confident your water damaged and wet carpets, floors and walls will be addressed by a highly skilled professional. Call us 24×7 and we will attempt to be at your flood damaged home or business within an hour anywhere across Melbourne.