How Professional Wet Carpet Drying Services Saves the Day

Having a flood from any source, saturate your carpet with water, is not a pleasant experience for anyone and it really is a cause for concern. We see far too many people use towels to soak up excess water and then hair dryers and heaters to dry their carpet. This can be a dangerous way to attempt carpet drying and is unlikely to provide you with the desired outcome.

Often wet carpet may look like it is slowly drying up, but it is highly likely that secondary damage is brewing but not yet obvious. Soon you may see or smell signs of the damage that may be stirring.

Potential damage from ineffective DIY carpet drying attempts!

DIY carped drying can result in a multitude of problems that will eventually require more invasive work and will result in a much higher cost than having engaged a professional wet carpet drying service.  Problems you are likely to encounter include.

  • Mould growth under the carpet, underlay and on the sub-floor can start within 48hours or sooner.
  • Yellow staining may appear on the carpet and the smell of dampness can become unbearable. You are likely to negatively impact the integrity of your carpet when you let it sit in water.
  • Water starts to wick up walls affecting skirting boards and plaster which can lead to structural damage to these structures and even mould growth that will need removal using invasive techniques.

Check out these photos for some visual evidence of what could happen to your wet carpet if you attempt DIY carpet drying and you do not engage a professional wet carpet drying service. Mould growth is the biggest risk of DIY carpet drying.

Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne Professional Service

Capital Facility has been providing professional carpet drying services in Melbourne for decades.  We are certified and use the latest techniques to address wet carpet drying for our clients in both the residential and commercial sectors.

We assess the damage using our specialised monitors and thermal imaging, as well as our professional know-how through extensive experience in carpet drying around all parts of Melbourne and regional Victoria.   We will determine the type and category of damage and from there we will define and implement the most effective wet carpet extraction, drying and moisture control program for your specific water damage situation.  

If your carpet is damaged beyond repair, we will let you know, and advise that it has been removed and carefully disposed of. You will then need to dry your subfloor and any other water damaged structures to avoid any further damage, if not already evident.

Our Advice – Carpet Drying Melbourne

Our advice is to engage a professional wet carpet drying service as soon as possible after your water damage experience. This way you can be confident you are doing everything possible to address the issue you have on hand as fast as possible and that you are limiting the risk of avoidable secondary damage that is often caused by a delayed response and/or in effective DIY carpet drying attempts.

Carpet drying Melbourne is what we do best, so if you are affected by water damage and wet carpet, call us to find out how we can help you out.