How to Find a Professional Wet Carpet Drying Company in Melbourne

There are some key points that can assist you to find a professional wet carpet drying company in Melbourne that suits your situation.

While local carpet drying services may seem convenient, it should not be the overall deciding factor. Other considerations will ensure you make the right choice for getting your carpet dried and any repairs completed professionally.

Here are our top 5 tips to find a professional carpet drying service that is right for you.

  1. Experience

    Find out how much experience the wet carpet drying company has; particularly regarding jobs similar to the extent of water damage to your carpet.

    Capital Facilities Services has over 20 years experience, is ISO certified, IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and has a qualified team! We have assisted with a large range of projects where carpet has varying degrees of water damage. Our methods are based on a refined process perfected through our many years of experience.
  2. Reputation

    When considering the reputation of a carpet drying company it’s important to consider client reviews and the number of wet carpet drying jobs completed.

    If the reviews are great but the carpet drying services have been minimal and only based on minor water damage, you may not have the right company for your situation.

    Here at Capital Facilities Services we have great reviews, we won the 2021 Australian Achiever Awards, are certified and over the last five years alone we have made over 9,800 visits to diverse client base to address a multitude of wet carpet drying and other water damage issues.
  3. Wet Carpet Drying Processes

    Carpet drying services should follow a stringent process. The aim is to identify, assess, contain, and make safe, dry and repair where needed and to provide necessary reporting for your insurance agency where applicable.

    Fixing a wet carpet situation is not always as simple as just drying the carpet and that’s where our process is highly valued.

    Our IICRC and ISO certification provides assurance that we continue with our commitment to providing exceptional service and standards for our industry.
  4. Wet Carpet Drying Specialists in Melbourne

    A Melbourne wet carpet drying company that has expertise specific to dealing with flooded carpet areas should be able to easily define the process they will undertake for your situation. In comparison, a rug cleaner or carpet cleaning service is not the right service for flood damaged carpet.

    We have specialist skills in carpet drying that extend to restoration. Our range of services incorporate flooded carpet drying services and our technicians are specifically trained in this area.
  5. Wet or Flooded Carpet Drying Equipment

    When you are looking to find a professional to fix your wet carpet problem, it’s important to find out if the equipment is specific to wet, very wet or flooded carpet. Can the team identify if there is structural damage from the water or moisture?

    You will need a proficient team to inspect, clean and restore if needed. Not all carpet drying services will have the right equipment for excessive water damaged carpet or the facilities to replace structural or carpet damage.

    We have tried and tested drying plans that are implemented according to the drying and repair process required.

    From moisture monitors, thermal imaging, environmentally friendly bacteria treatments, air filtration devices, air movers and dehumidifiers; we are equipped and ready for any wet carpet drying situation.

    Give the team at Capital Facilities Services a call today and book in to have a wet carpet drying specialist assess your situation.