How to Identify and Remove Black Mould

Black mould, as with many other types of mould, can cause health problems for some people; especially those who are immunocompromised or prone to respiratory health issues.

Short term exposure to black mould may not impact your health, however as the problem grows and you are living in an environment filled with surface and air-bound black mould, you may be at risk of developing health problems. As one study identified:

“High numbers of spores in the internal air were associated with surface mould growth and constructional work. In addition, disturbance of surface growth and vacuum cleaning of carpets caused large temporary increases in the atmospheric spore count.” ( Source: Mould in buildings: the air spora of domestic dwellings, )

Thus, it is critical to identify major mould problems and have mould removed professionally by mould removal services that specialise in this area. Our team are professional, well versed and certified in mould removal Melbourne-wide and are ready to help you.

What is Black Mould?

Black mould is a type of fungus. There is more than one type of black mould however Stachybotrys chartarum (S. chartarum or Stachybotrys atra) is the type of black mould considered more toxic.

Regardless of the type of mould problem you have, you will need to have the mould removed. As an award-winning company experienced in mould removal in Melbourne, with professional certification, we are your ideal choice to remove your mould quickly and efficiently.

How Can You Tell if You Have a Black Mould Problem?

It can be hard to tell sometimes if you have a black mould problem unless there is a musty smell and/or visible damage to the premises. This may be evident with dark or patchy stain marks on the floor, walls or ceiling or bloated/bubbled floor boards. Our mould removal Melbourne team will be able to inspect the area of your home or building and provide expert advice to address the black mould issue.

What Causes Black Mould?

Where there is an excess of moisture, there may also be the presence of mould. Water leaks (especially undetected), excessive moisture from a shower without adequate ventilation and kitchen condensation without a fan may leave you with a mould problem and the need to book in with our specialist team that manages mould removal Melbourne-wide.

Can I Remove Black Mould Myself?

It may be possible to remove service mould yourself however we do not recommend DIY removal attempts of black mould that has attached to and is impeded to the surfaces it is growing and thriving on.  If you have an imbedded black mould issue, then you should consider engaging mould remediation specialists and here are 5 top reasons why:

  1. When a mould removal service is involved, you will not be exposed to mould during the mould remediation process, and you will not be at risk of increasing any mould health risks or spreading mould spores making your mould issue a bigger than what you started with.
  2. Professional mould removal specialists in Melbourne will use the necessary protective gear and equipment for personal protection and safe mould removal. It is highly likely that the mould affected area will be sealed and the air filtrated to remove mould spores from the environment reducing risks of mould spreading to unaffected areas.
  3. When mould has caused considerable damage to your premises, you will need a team to remove mould, clean and repair any damage. If it is  detected that mould has caused building damage, then our mould removal service will include cutting out affected surfaces and can include reconstruction.
  4. Professional mould removal companies can engage hygienist services to detect if mould removal has been affectively remediated and mould spores have been removed from the surrounding environment.
  5. Recommendations can be made by our mould professionals on ways you can reduce mould growing in your home or business, so that you do not have the recurring mould problem.

Why Capital Facility Services is Chosen for Mould Removal Melbourne

Our clients choose us because they want the job done efficiently by an experienced, expert team who are trustworthy, dependable and can combine the necessary services to ensure mould removal and also restoration where appropriate.

We are a certified mould removal company helping a range of industries across Melbourne. We welcome any questions you have about mould problems and are available 24/7 in cases where emergency assistance is required.