Mould Removal Melbourne

Mould grows in wet and damp surfaces. A pipe leaking in a wall cavity creates an ideal environment of moisture for mould to grow and thrive in. It goes unnoticed until signs of mould growth are seen on walls in rooms behind the shower. By this stage, the mould has caused significant damage and specialised mould remediation work is required. Mould growth of this nature cannot be cleaned effectively. The affected area needs to be stripped and all mould removed through invasive work. The area must be contained during works to stop the spread of mould to other areas.

Only specialised Mould Remediation Technicians like those at Capital Facility Services in Melbourne have the skill to undertake safe mould removal works and to ensure the affected structure is appropriately treated and dried before any reinstatement works are undertaken. If you identify a mould issue in your home call Capital Facility Services for advice on how to remove mould growth in your home or business. Our Mould Removal Specialists have the skills to address your mould problems. To find out more call us on 1300 554 418.