Fire Restoration Damage – The answer to your restored fire damaged home

Having a fire gut your home is one of the most horrific experience of anyone’s life. Lives are sometimes lost, memories are burnt away and all things that you had a sentimental attachment to cannot come back – the gifts, the pictures, the letters, and the treasured memorabilia. The damage is emotionally, financially and mentally a big drain on anyone.

Momentos can never be replaced but at least your home can be salvaged by having a professional that offers fire restoration damage services. It is a long and heart wrenching process but with time the professionals tend to do a good job and make your home as good as new. Yes, your old home can never come back but you can learn to live in the new one and make it yours once again by filling it with more wonderful memories.


First and most importantly you will need to get in touch with your insurance company or agent as they will have to assess the damage and see how much you will be entitled to. Then you can at least have a rough guestimate of the budget that will be required for the restoration work.

Don’t even think of doing it yourselves as even if you did have the professional know how you would still need the manpower to do it. The professionals are trained and have certified qualifications to do the job and also look into areas that you would have missed.

Each fire is different and the damage done by each is different. It also depends on what material got burnt in the process. Things like protein, natural and synthetic substances and oil all have their own individual residue that they leave behind and each one has a different method of cleaning it. The smell that lingers after a fire needs to be deodorized; if water was used to put out the fire then your property will need to be dried first before any restoration work can even be considered. Some things can be restored; some will need to be replaced. Your professional fire restoration damage company will be able to advise you on all this when they come to assess your home.

The time taken for each restoration job depends on the type of damage. The size of the building, the severity of the fire, and the techniques that will need to be applied to complete the job is taken into account when considering the time factor. In case of structural damage, the restoration could take anything from a few weeks to months.

One must realize that you should not live in your home while the restoration job is ongoing. Make arrangements with friends and family or get yourself booked in a bed and breakfast.

Capital facility Services is an expert service provider in the field of fire restoration damage across Melbourne. They are on call at all times of the day and night and can be contacted on 1300 554 418 27/7. Put your damaged home in the hands of these professionals and see how they work their magic on it – making it as good as new.