Professional Mould Removal and Mould Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Mould Removal investigation is necessary where there is suspected mould growth. At Capital Facility Services we are constantly being asked to clean what home owners believe is surface mould. On investigation in most instances the mould has been growing inside a moist wall cavity and can only be seen when it has penetrated the paster wall and becomes visible. By this stage the wall cavity is probably infested with mould.

Mould cleaning is not possible when mould has ‘eaten’ through the plaster wall and other structure, it must be carefully removed by a professional mould removal specialist. Capital Facility Services is certified by the IICRC in mould remediation and can advise you on what will be required.

Trying to clean surface mould does not fix the mould problem that is likely to be growing and spreading in your wall cavity. Attempting to remove and cut out the mould yourself without properly containing the mould affected area, enabling air filtration to prevent spread of mould and wearing the appropriate PPE is not advised. A DIY mould removal attempt can be detrimental to your health and can cause mould to spread and affect more surfaces in your home or business.

Mould grows where there is moisture. When a wall cavity is affected, it is likely that there is a roof leak or a leaking pipe that has created a moist environment for the mould to thrive in. The source of the moisture must be identified and fixed before effective mould remediation work can be undertaken. If the leak is not fixed, then the mould will reappear, and any mould remediation work undertaken would be pointless.

For advice on how to identify and address mould growth in your home or business contact Capital Facility Services and our Mould Remediation team will advise on the best way to address mould growth issues in your home and can engage the most advanced techniques for Mould Removal across Melbourne.

If you are thinking you need mould cleaning services, make sure you have a professional mould removal company like Capital Facility Services check your home and let you know the extent of your problem and how to address it. For any mould removal enquires call us on 1300 554 415