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Water and Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

Water Damage Restoration
Capital Facility Services offers extensive water and flood damage restoration services across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We have expertise in dealing with insurance companies and manage restoration programs for both residential and commercial clients.
We can be contacted 24/7 for emergency work and aim to attend to your water or flood-damaged environment within 1 hour so we can assess your situation, develop a restoration program and in most case commence work immediately.
Our aim is to address your water damage issues quickly to avoid secondary damage that can result from the delayed restoration. We specialise in water damaged carpet drying and cleaning across Melbourne and use IICRC accredited techniques to ensure rapid restoration is undertaken in the most appropriate manner in accordance with the type of water damage and the extent of the saturation across your flooring (carpet, timber etc), subfloor, walls and structural beams.

What You Get When You Choose Capital Facility Services to Manage Your Water or Flood Damage Restoration Program

  • We are Melbourne based with 20 years experience in water and flood damage restoration.
    With 20 years experience, we specialise in wet carpet drying, water/flood damage and sewage backflow cleanups, where we extract water and dry wet surfaces quickly to avoid further damage. We know that the main causes of water damage are Flood/Storm damage – Sewerage damage – Plumbing Damage – Fire Damage and we have effective solutions to manage each of these situations. We also have technicians specialising in Fire Damage Restoration focused on the removal of smoke and soot resulting from fires.
  • 1-hour rapid response emergency service available 24/7 across Melbourne.
    Emergency services are available 24/7. We aim to be at your premises within an hour to ensure we assess the water damage and create a remediation program specific to your needs. If needed, we will commence work immediately to reduce the magnitude of structural and cosmetic damage to your premises. Flood damaged carpet water extraction and drying programs commence immediately.
  • Expertise available to manage Commercial flood damage restoration programs.
    Over the years we have managed a number of flood restoration programs for large commercial operators spanning from Golf Courses through to Hospitals. We have the manpower and expertise to project manage large scale operations working with multiple stakeholders and can accommodate specific reporting requirements for our commercial clients
  • Water and flood damage assessment reporting available to support insurance claims.
    Water and Flood Damage Assessment Reports are available on all work to support Insurance Claims. These reports can be short or detailed depending on the requirements of your insurance company and provide an independent assessment from a qualified Water Damage Restoration Technician.
  • Access to qualified technicians using the latest techniques to manage your flood and or water damage restoration programs.
    Our Water Damage Restoration technicians are certified by the
    IICRCInstitute of Cleaning and Restoration and use the latest techniques to ensure the most effective outcome. So, you can be assured your water damage restoration is leading and attended to by qualified experts. Where carpet or underlay replacement is required we use qualified technicians to ensure the highest standard outcomes are achieved.
  • Access to our quick recovery and future issue avoidance restoration program.
    Our aim is to bring your business or home back to functioning order as quickly as possible. Our quality workmanship is focused on enabling immediate restoration but also ensuring that issues of mould and mildew are prevented by effective treatment during the disaster recovery process
    Our qualified technicians use the latest techniques to manage water | flood and fire damage disasters. Click to find out more about our disaster recovery approach.
  • We use state of the art specialised equipment for repair of all flood and water damage facilities.
    Specialised equipment and techniques are used to ensure quick and effective results. Water penetrates into structural cavities creating trapped pockets of saturation. The detection of water in these areas can often only be discovered with sophisticated Moisture Detection Meters. The use of these Meters is standard in all our work as undetected moisture will continue to cause damage.
    Specially designed and engineered Air Movers deliver a high volume of airflow over and under wet surfaces to speed up the drying process. As a prolonged drying time is often the main cause of problems. it is critical that this equipment is used swiftly after a flood or extensive water damage may occur.
    We also use specialised Dehumidifiers to capture moisture in the air. In effect it sucks excess water from the air. If this excess water in the air if left in the water damaged room it will attach to available surfaces causing future problems of mould and mildew. Lastly we use Deodorising Equipment to control and eradicate odour problems that have been created as an outcome of the water damage.
  • Access to our specialised partners for quick recovery through centralised project manager that is a qualified Water Damage Restoration Technician.
    We have partnerships with plasters, painters and licensed plumbers allowing for a quick and holistic approach to our recovery programs. We can manage your entire recovery project for you and we can bring your home or business back to a functioning state quickly and cost efficiently.
  • Storage facilities for protection of undamaged goods in a flood damage disaster zone.
    Our warehouse facility can be used by clients to protect goods from water and fire residue, reducing the recovery bill and allowing for a more cost effective recovery.

I was happy with the flood damage service. The initial prompt arrival of help late on a Sunday was most appreciated. The serviceman was helpful with a number a call backs over 6 days to check progress and answer my queries.He did a good job with the final steam clean. I would highly recommend this emergency service. Also, I’d like to say that my family and friends are very surprised that the carpet was saved. Usually carpets have to be pulled up and replaced by the time the Insurers arrange help! So overall less disruption and a cost saving.

Valerie Peers | | Wet Carpet Drying and Water Damage Restoration | Seaholme Vic 3018

Excellent service was at my place within 90 mins of being called on a Sunday morning after flooding. Excellent advice and all dried out.

Nicole Jarry | | Wet Carpet Drying and Flood Damage Restoration| North Altona

There was a huge surge of ground water on Christmas night after extremely heavy rains and hail. We arrived on site the following morning, Boxing Day, and were in desperate need of assistance. Our usual maintenance team, which would assist in flood damage situations, were unavailable and I fortunately found Jerry from Capital Facility Services online. He answered my call for help and was at our site with flood damage recovery equipment and helpers required within 2 hours. He then worked with us tirelessly for the next 3 days and was able to assist with flood recovery, water removal, surface drying and general cleaning and supplied specialist equipment like dryers and dehumidifiers. This was over the Christmas shutdown period and we were amazed that he could mobilise so quickly! We would have no hesitation in recommending Capital Facility Services and are indebted to them for their quick and professional response to our unfortunate water damage situation.

General Manager | | Fort Knox | Flood Clean Up Melbourne

I would like to thank both Jerry and Theo from Capital Facility Services for the amazing flood clean up job they did, on Saturday 14th April 2013, for us. The last thing I expected on Saturday night was to come home to find my house flooded and water damaged. You are the ambulance service for flood recovery. No sooner had we called you (Jerry) and you were on our door step. Not only did you do an amazing flood clean up job, but also gave us great moral support which is just what we needed, as all I could do was cry. I would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend your wet carpet drying and flood damage restoration and flood cleaning services to others. Again, a big thank you.

Geraldine | | Lyndhurst

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