Signs You Need to Use a Mould Removal Specialist

If you’re battling a mould outbreak in your home, it could be time to engage the assistance of a professional provider of mould removal in Melbourne. Here are four clear signs that you need professional help:

Your DIY Mould Removal Isn’t Working

If mould is growing at a surface level and is cleaned promptly and effectively, there is no reason for it to grow back. This means, therefore, that if your DIY mould removal efforts are failing, there are deeper issues at play and you’re going to need the services of a professional mould removal specialist to fix the issue.

Mould Damage Removal

There Is No Obvious Point of Origin

When mould grows on food, we know why. By the same token, if the kids have spilled something in a hard-to-access area and “forgot” to tell you about it, mould may begin to grow there as a result of decomposing organic material. If there is no clear reason for your mould growth, however, it’s time to call in a specialist. There is a high probability that your mould problem is stemming from a deeper issue that must be addressed in order to clear things up.

The Situation Is Beginning to Impact Your Health 

It’s no secret that having mould in your home can make you sick. While the level of sickness will depend on the type of mould present, even feeling slightly unwell when at home is cause to call in a mould removal specialist if the feeling is persistent. This is particularly important if you’re unsure what type of mould you have, as even tiny amounts of certain species can cause significant health issues.

The Mould Is Causing Damage to Your Home

Did you know that a permanent musty smell within your dwelling is most likely caused by mould? This nasty substance loves to grow in damp spaces and is actually more likely to be causing that musty smell than the dampness itself. Foul odours, however, are just the tip of the iceberg. Without appropriate mould removal, you may end up with significant damage to the paint and surfaces in your home, with these issues possibly spreading to the actual structure if left untreated.

How to Access Mould Removal in Melbourne

If you think you may require the assistance of a mould removal specialist, feel free to reach out to the expert team at Capital Facility Services via our contact page. If you believe that the mould in your home is making you or your family sick, please call our emergency 24/7 assistance line on 1300 554 418 so we can access it and determine the best way to remove it.