Toxic Black Mould Removal

Removing toxic black mould embedded in materials that are, or have been affected by moisture and water damage, is not an easy task and is one that is best left to Mould Remediation Specialists that know how to deal with toxic mould.

Black mould, also known as Stachybotrys, is one of the most common moulds associated with water damage and exposure to it can be very harmful to humans and animals.   This mould can cause symptoms from a runny nose and flu like symptoms, through to diarrhea and can cause significant respiratory issues, particularly in young children whose lungs are still developing. It can also cause brain fog, sleep disturbances, cognitive impairment and many other unexplained symptoms people may experience.  

Be aware that black mould may also be present in a grey or green colour, so before you engage in the removal of mould yourself, make sure you organise to have a Mould Removal Specialist check it first.  In most instances black mould removal, will need to be left to a certified Mould Damage Removal company. In fact, mould can be dangerous at any time, so if you suspect mould growth in your home, please pick up the phone and talk to a mould damage removal specialist.

Examples of what Black Mould looks like

The Smell of Mould

Mould cannot always be seen, so if you have an unexplained musty smell, like that of rotting leaves in your home, it is highly probable that you have a black mould issue, that has not been identified.   In this instance, follow your nose to try and determine where the smell is coming from and if you are not able to ascertain where it is, give us a call to investigate.

Three simple steps to follow if you suspect black mould, or any other mould in your home

  1. Call an expert Mould Damage Removal Company like Capital Facility Services for mould issues across Melbourne and Regional Victoria.   At Capital Facility, we are happy to review photos of your mould and let you know how we think you should tackle your mould issue; this can be done by sending photos through our website How Can We Help? contact form, or you can also call us on 1300 554 418 to discuss your mould issue and mould removal requirements.    An onsite assessment for mould can also be organised for a small fee.  An onsite assessment will provide more accurate information on the cause of the mould issue and will enable a more detailed and accurate mould damage assessment.
  2. Do not touch or agitate the mould in any way until it has been properly accessed, as doing so can be dangerous to your health and might cause further spread of your mould problem.
  3. Close the door of the mould affected room and do not enter that space until it has been assessed by a Mould Damage Removal Specialist.  You should contain the mould, as it can be airborne and easily spread to other areas.

So, before you attempt to remove mould growing in your property, make sure you follow our three simple steps to reduce any risk of damage to your health, as well as the spread of the mould issue in your property.

Call Capital Facility Services on 1300 554 418 if you are in Melbourne and have or suspect mould issues in your property.