Water Damage Disaster: How Professional Wet Carpet Drying Saves the Day


Wet carpet disasters can occur at anytime and from a myriad of sources; a burst pipe, a running tap, a faulty appliance, a leaking tap, a sewage overflow, or a surge of water entering your property from heavy rainfall to name a few. If your carpet is affected by any type of water damage and you have wet and saturated carpet, do not try and dry it yourself, engage a professional wet carpet drying company like Capital Facility Services to access the damage and compile an effective wet carpet drying solution that is fit for purpose.

DIY Wet Carpet Drying Can be Ineffective and Dangerous

If you are faced with a situation where your carpet and property are being flooded, your first focus should be to remove the source of water ingress. Turn off taps and if needed turn off the water mains or call us for advice on what to do.

You should not use hair dryers and heaters to dry wet carpet as this could be very dangerous and will not be effective in enabling effective carpet drying. Towels are not enough to absorb water from saturated carpet after flooding.  Bicarbonate of soda or other home remedies are not likely to be effective in absorbing excess water from your wet carpets.

Industrial strength water extraction will be required to draw out water from saturated carpet and heavy-duty blowers will be required to quickly and effectively dry carpets. All carpet drying should be accompanied by a moisture control program where specialised dehumidifiers draw out and capture moisture from water damaged areas as they are being dried.

A professional wet carpet drying service like Capital Facility Services can access your wet carpet and other water damage to determine the best approach to manage your carpet drying and if possible, your carpet can be saved. If your carpet cannot be saved, a processional wet carpet drying contractor will advise you on what remediation may be needed to remove the wet carpet and dry the structure of your property to avoid secondary issues such as mould growth on your carpet.

Professional Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne

How a professional wet carpet drying Melbourne service will manage water damage from your property and dry wet carpet, depends on three key factors here and how these all combine in your specific water damaged environment. The three factors are:

  1. The source of water damage which assists to determine if the damage is from clean water, grey water, or contaminated black water such as sewage.
  2. The amount of water and saturation levels on the affected surfaces and structures
  3. The type of structures and surfaces affected, the more porous the higher the water absorption rate will be.

If the water on your carpet is clean water from a broken flexi-hose or a bath-tub overflow and is addressed by professionals quickly, then the excess water will be removed using the appropriate equipment and drying, and moisture control machines will be set up to dry the affected surfaces. The drying will normally take at least 3 days. The technicians at Capital, focus on Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne and can access and manage the make safe for you to ensure your water damage is addressed quickly.

If a very porous surface like carpet is affected by as example; a sewage overflow, then the carpet and underlay will need to be carefully removed as they have a high absorption rate and will quickly be contaminated and will not be hygienic. The affected subfloor will be assessed, will be cleaned and effectively sanitised and the drying and moisture control program of the subfloor and other salvageable surfaces can commence. A professional Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne contractor will know what to do.

The more contaminated the water is, the higher the saturation level of water and the more porous the affected surfaces, the more complicated and the longer the restoration and drying program will be. 

At Capital Facility Services we have expertise in Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne and our water damage restoration technicians have the tools to assess the type and extent of water damage on your wet carpet and other structures in your property and will use the most appropriate drying and moisture control techniques to ensure the quickest and most effective program is put in place to make safe your wet carpets and water damaged environment.