Water Damaged Carpet Can Quickly Turn Into Moulded Carpet

Water damaged carpet can quickly turn into the moulded carpet and you may not even know it, as the mould is likely to start growing on the subfloor and underlay first.  A constant, slow water leak where water deposits itself under carpet onto the subfloor and underlay is more common than you may think and the results can be widespread and devastating.

If you have water damage in your home as a result of a roof leak, a broken pipe or washing machine overflow etc., then do not try and dry your carpets yourself. More likely than not you may dry the external surface but what about the subfloor this is where water will sit and if not managed quickly will result in mould growth.  Where there is moisture mould will eventually grow.  Under the wet carpet, mould could start growing within days.

You may notice you are coughing or more sick than usual and cannot work out what is wrong.  The answer may lie below your carpet or under another flooring in your home.

Always have your wet carpet and other wet flooring dried by a professional water damage restoration company like Capital. Call immediately so that your wet floor can be attended to before mould issues start to appear.  Flooded carpet can turn into a disastrous situation if it is not managed properly, however, if the correct process is used in a timely fashion you will never guess that your carpet was water damaged and you will not have secondary issues of mould in your home or business.