What To Do If A Flexi-Hose Has Burst And Left You With Flooded Carpet

What is a Flexi-hose?

A flexi-hose (flexible water hose), is a very flexible and versatile hose used by plumbers to connect taps, sinks basins and the like to the main water supply. They are also used to connect the water from the toilet stop to the cistern. They are made from rubber and tend to have a stainless-steel braided coating to protect the rubber.

Because of their flexibility flexi-hoses reduce what is known as hydrostatic shock which is basically a noisy pipe issue that happens when valves are turned off quickly. They provide flexibility to water flow and are an easy and cost effective for plumbers to install making them very common in most modern homes and commercial premises.

Flexi-hoses are a great invention but if they burst you will have a big water damage problem on your hands. Flooded Carpet Melbourne is a common issue faced by Melbournians that are unfortunate enough to experience flexi-hose bursts.

Why do Flexi-hoses burst?

Flexi-hoses are great, but they have an average life span of around five years. Like all rubber products they can deteriorate over time. In addition, they may have been poorly installed or stretched to fit over the connection points creating vulnerable spots in the hose. If harsh chemicals are poured down the sink, then these may also damage and compromise the integrity of a flexi-hose.

To reduce the risk of a flexi-hose burst you should have a qualified plumber install them. You should check them regularly and look for any signs of damage. Signs of damage include rust on the stainless steal coating over a rubber flexi hose, as well as signs of bulging, fraying, and kinking. There may be some dripping or dampness at the connection point, but in most cases, you do not get flexi-hose dripping just the sudden burst that can causes severe water damage to your home or business.

Make sure you check your flex-hoses and use a qualified plumber to check them if you see any signs of risk or are unsure. It is also a good idea to put a maintenance plan in place with a qualified plumber in your area.

What to do if your burst Flexi-hose results in flooded carpet

If your home or business is water damaged due to a burst flexi-hose, then you are very likely to have flooded carpet or other flooring. The damage can be extensive and is not easy to access without the use of specialised equipment and skills.

Flooded carpet results in flooded and water damaged underlay and a wet subfloor. If the flexi-hose water burst was above another level, then the ceiling and walls of the level(s) below are likely to be water damaged. Wet carpet is also likely to be the cause of water seeping up skirting boards and walls.

A burst flexi-hose can cause a lot of damage. Trying to address the water damage yourself can cause further problems. Using towels to dry carpet is not sufficient, you are likely to be left with dampness that will stimulate the growth of mould and will create a musty smell. Mould is toxic and dangerous, it can easily become airborne and spread across your home and business affecting the integrity of the building structures and your content, but more importantly it can have a significant impact on your health and the health of your family and colleagues.

If you have flooded carpet or other water damage resulting from a burst flexi-hose, call Capital Facility Services the experts in Water Damage Restoration on 1300 554 418.

At Capital we will access your flooded carpet or other wet flooring, wet walls and ceilings and will determine the best way to dry the affected structures by creating an environment that will maximise the drying process and control moisture generation at the same time, reducing the risk of mould growth.

If we deem that your flooded carpet is not salvageable, we will let you know and will advise you to remove it so that you can avoid further damage that can result if you do not act fast. At Capital Facility Services we know how to manage flooded carpet and we have insurance reporting available to support your insurance claim.

We are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and managed close to 2,000 water damage restoration programs in the last financial year – so you can be sure you are dealing with a skilled and professional organisation to manage flooded carpet drying, as well as other water damage restoration programs you may require.

We are available for emergency work 24/7, call us on 1300 554 418.