Why Immediate Action is Crucial: The importance of Prompt Sewage Cleaning

Water damage from a sewage overflow is categorised by professional water damage restorers as Category 3 – Black Water. This type of water contains toxins, organic matter and other organisms that are dangerous to the wellbeing of humans and animals. Furthermore, the toxic waters of a sewage overflow provide an environment conducive for the growth and spread of mould.

Sewage should not be handled without the proper Personal Protective Equipment to ensure there is no exposed contact with the sewage. Contact with sewage can get you very sick, don’t touch it or leave your pets exposed to it.

The longer you leave sewage in your property, the more toxic and dangerous it will become and you will quickly notice the intense odour it can emit being putrid and unbearable.

Sewage cleaning should be left to the professionals that know how to deal with it and undertake cleaning and decontamination techniques that do not promote the spread of contaminates to other parts of your property.

We are the professionals and know how to remove sewage from commercial and residential properties. We have the correct PPE so the team stays safe while undertaking the intensive program of sewage cleaning for you.

Sewage Cleaning Services Melbourne

At Capital Facility Services we have extensive experience addressing all types of sewage overflows. From toilet overflows to dirty contaminated water from broken sewage pipes.  Our Sewage Cleaning Services Melbourne have been a core part of our Water Damage Restoration service for over 10 years.  

Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians know how to safely deal with sewage, and we have never had any incidents relating to sewage contamination so we definitely know what we are doing. Our Sewage Cleaning Service Melbourne can be trusted for a professional outcome where we will remove and decontaminate your affected environment; indoors and outdoors.  Call us anytime as we provide a 24/7 service with immediate response for all emergency Sewage Cleaning across Melbourne.

We have extensive experience in the Commercial Sewage Cleaning sector in Melbourne and can advise all Facility Managers and Property owners on the best way to safely address sewage overflow cleaning in all type of commercial properties. So call us on 1300 554 418 so we can resolve any Sewage Cleaning issue that you have, so you can stay safe.