Your Guide to Flooded Carpet Damage

Flooded carpet damage occurs when an excessive amount of water spills onto your carpet and settles there. While it won’t always result in the need to replace your carpet, saving it can depend on a range of factors. By understanding more about how this damage can occur, and about different ways to respond, repairing the scene of a flood should become easier.

Common causes of carpet damage

Aside from rainfall, there are a few ways that water can cause carpet damage in your home. For example:

  • Household appliances: When your washing machine or toilet malfunctions, they can flood nearby carpets.
  • Draining and plumbing pipes: When your property’s drainage or plumbing system is inadequate or damaged, it may stop working altogether and flood the interior of your home.
  • Overflowing sinks and baths: When you leave a tap running, it may cause a flood before you know what’s happening.

The cause of flooded carpet damage can often dictate whether you can salvage your carpet. Factors such as the nature of the water and the amount of time it’s left to soak will determine the steps you take.

The aim of carpet damage restoration

Carpet damage restoration’s primary aim is to return the flooded area to a safe state. This doesn’t always mean saving your carpet, though. If the water damage has been present for more than 72 hours, it may not be possible to save the subflooring or padding. Similarly, if the water contains sewage or toxins, keeping the carpet could cause health issues. 

If saving your carpet is possible, the process can take a few days. This is because the team addressing your flood damage will need to pump away water, dry the area, and clean the carpet afterwards. But with the right approach, the results can be fantastic.

The risks of not addressing carpet flood damage

Even if a flood seems small and you feel as though you can just let it dry out, you may risk attracting mould into your home. If anyone in your property has a respiratory condition, mould can trigger this. Additionally, if the water that damages the carpet contains sewage, you may develop gastroenteritis from the pathogens within it. Overall, addressing carpet flood damage allows you to enjoy a clean and healthy living environment.

We treat flooded carpets in Melbourne

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