Can You Paint Over Soot Caused From Fire Damage?

Never attempt to paint on soot and smoke damaged walls and ceilings, doing so will make for an even bigger problem than the fire damage problem you are currently dealing with. The soot from fire damage remains active under the fresh coat of paint. Sooner or later, the soot will bleed through the paint that is applied directly over it, causing the paint to blister and peel.

And never use wet sponges to clean soot from walls, you will simply smear and spread the soot, again making your existing fire damage problem an even bigger one. With wet sponges or cloths, instead of removing soot you will be spreading it further.

What fire damage services are required to clean soot off your walls?

Fire restoration can be achieved through a methodological process that an experienced and qualified provider of fire damage services can provide. If you have suffered fire damage in Melbourne call Capital Facility Services, we use a specialised approach to dry clean your fire damaged walls and ceilings with dry cleaning sponges made from non-toxic rubber. These specialised dry sponges absorb and remove soot and smoke damage from your walls. Once your walls are cleaned and the smoky smell from the fire damage is removed, using specialised fogging equipment, you can prepare your fire damaged walls and ceiling for painting.

In most cases, when soot is removed from smoke and fire damaged walls and ceilings, a darkish tinge or shade may be left on your walls and ceilings. If you rub your hand over the wall and there is no black soot coming off and there is no spreading of soot when you wipe it with a damp cloth, then the soot has been removed. You are very unlikely to have your walls or ceilings return to their pre-fire damage condition. Painting will be required to return your home to its pre-fire damage condition.

Talk to Capital Facility Services for your fire damage restoration needs in Melbourne

If you require fire restoration services in Melbourne call Capital Facility Services on 1300 554 418 for advice on what is required to get your fire damaged walls and ceilings ready for painting.

Fire restoration Melbourne is what Capital Facility Services has been doing for over 10 years, you can trust that our advice is based on experience. We know what works to restore fire damage in Melbourne to the pre-loss condition of your home or business. So, make sure you do not attempt to clean your soot damaged walls with water, or just paint over the problem, talk to our team first and you will not regret it!

Fire Damage Melbourne – Check out these photos for examples of the results Capital gets when we clean soot of walls.

Fire Restoration Melbourne – Results from using fire sponges to clean soot of fire damaged walls and ceilings.

Can You Paint Over Soot Caused From Fire Damage?
Before soot clean
Can You Paint Over Soot Caused From Fire Damage?
After soot clean