Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage from heavy rains, burst pipes or sewage overflow in a commercial facility can have disastrous effects to the operations of any business. Commercial floods, disrupt operation and can be the cause of lengthy shutdowns as staff are not able to work in a flooded office, factory, or water damaged retail setting, while the water affected structure and content is addressed. In most cases for safety precautions, customers and clients cannot visit flood-affected facilities. The outcome is a drop-in business activity.

Water damaged stock is another problem faced in commercial settings and this needs to be inventoried and disposed of in a timely manner to avoid secondary damage from mould growth on the water damaged stock and structural environment in which it is stored. If mould was to spread in a commercial business setting, it would unfortunately involve costs for the Mould Removal and further delay to business operations.

Fast Response is Paramount for Commercial Floods14

At Capital Facility Services, we understand how important it is for commercial flooding and commercial water damage to be addressed in a timely and professional manner to minimise business disruption. Our approach is simple; we focus on pulling together our team at short notice at any time of the day or night, to make the area safe and restore water damage affected commercial properties, so that the businesses that operate from these commercial settings, can continue to do what they do best and run their business. A fast response is important so that secondary damage is avoided. This damage could occur from water wicking up walls and water being absorbed by and damaging porous furniture and fittings. Fast action is required to prevent commercial mould growth in wet environments after flooding.

Our aim is to be at your water-damaged commercial facility in Melbourne within an hour.

Commercial Flood Restoration Requires a Specialised Approach

We access the effects of commercial water damage and work fast to extract excess water, remove any wet carpet tiles or other flooring that may not be salvageable and set up an intense drying and moisture control program to ensure the quickest drying time possible. If we identify any mould issues, we will ensure they are addressed appropriately to avoid the mould spreading and creating more damage and an unhealthy environment for your staff and customers.

If required, we can organise to have carpet tiles and other flooring replaced or cleaned and sanitised after the restoration program, to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for your business to operate from.  We can also organise for any water damaged ceiling tiles to be replaced and the affected structure to be restored or replaced.

If you have a flooded warehouse or flooded car park with a hard floor, we have state of the art water scrubbers and other specialised equipment that are highly effective in removing excessive water from large open spaces.   Effective extraction of water from water-damaged warehouses or flooded factory floors, requires a considered operation to ensure the best outcome specific to each commercial facility. At Capital Facility Services we have experience in extracting and drying commercial carparks, large warehousing facilities and factory floors and will discuss the process that we undertake with you, before we commence any work.

Commercial Water Damage Insurance Reporting

For all commercial water damage restoration programs, we document every step of the make safe, remediation and restoration approach undertaken, allowing for a detailed account of events and actions. This information can easily be transformed into detailed reports that our commercial clients can provide to their insurance agency, to assist with any water damage restoration insurance claims. For large commercial flood response programs, we allocate a project manager to lead the water damage response effort.

Capital Facility Services Specialises in Commercial Flood Damage

Capital Facility Services operates 24/7 and supports a one-hour response program to deliver immediate emergency relief to commercial, industrial and retail facilities affected by flooding and other forms of water damage. Call us anytime on 1800 554 418 to find out how we can help you.