During Heavy Rain Check For Unseen Flooding Under Your Home

Thank you, Graciela, Greg, and Mimi, for your kind testimonial recently on our Google. We were glad to be of help and congratulate Garciela for working out that she should check the duct at the lowest point of your home to see if it had water build, up during recent heavy storms in Melbourne; not many people would think to do this simple, yet very effective test.

Jerry, one of our Water Damage Restoration Technicians extracted Water from under the house through a torn duct at the lowest point of the house. The room with flooding under the subfloor is built almost at ground level and when it was constructed there was no drainage considered, resulting in water flowing under the house. The water was there but it was not visible.

If Garcia had not put her hand in the duct and felt the water, the water would have settled under the house causing water damage that would otherwise go unnoticed until there were issues of mould or problems with the heating during colder weather.