Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Damage Cleaning in Melbourne

In the last two years Capital Facility Services has been involved in over 200 major fire damage restoration programs in Melbourne.  Our team follows the IICRC Fire Damage Restoration guidelines and has extensive experience in delivering high quality fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleaning and soot cleaning programs across Melbourne.

Common causes of fire damage in Melbourne and how to avoid them

Some of the common causes of fire damage in Melbourne are forgotten candles, unattended pots and pans on the cooktops, appliance malfunctions and electrical faults.  Many of the causes can be avoided with some focus in the home, by ensuring candles are in a safe place and are not left burning unattended.  Similarly, always keep an eye on your cooking, if you are forgetful set an alarm to remind you to check the cooktop at regular intervals.

We also advise that you do not leave your clothes drier running or other appliances on when you are not at home, this way you will avoid coming home to an unexpected disaster. Also make sure you keep an eye on electrical appliances and do not use them without having them checked by a professional if they are not performing optimally, if they are making unusual noises or have faulty and worn-out parts and ensure you service electrical items and that you follow operating instructions carefully.

How to remove soot from fire and smoke damaged walls

Soot should never be cleaned with water or wet rags.  If you do this, you will simply be spreading the soot and making a bigger mess than what the fire damage initially caused.   A certified fire damage restoration service company in Melbourne, will use specialised dry sponges to clean soot off your walls, they will however first access the extent of fire damage in your home or business to ensure the correct restoration approach is engaged in the correct sequence.

Will fire damaged walls cleaned from soot require painting?

If anyone tells you that you can paint over soot, beware of them, this is not a process we at Capital Facility Services endorse or engage.   If anyone tells you that cleaning soot off your walls will bring them back to how they were before the fire damage, do not be fooled.   In our experience your walls will be clean of soot when you can no longer get soot on your hand when you rub it against the wall.

However, even after the soot is removed you will notice some black staining on your walls and in our experience, they WILL require painting.  The important thing is that the soot is removed, and the paint will adhere to the wall and will not blister or peel off, as what will happen if you attempt to paint on soot-stained walls.

Professional Melbourne Fire Damage Restoration Service

Call a qualified fire damage restoration company in Melbourne to access the damage and to quote you on undertaking a detailed fire damage restoration and fire cleaning program, as well as a smoke odour removal program.  As required the assessment should include reviewing the integrity of the structure, accessing the roof cavity for any unseen damage, and determining what is salvageable and what is not.  The fire damage may be more extensive than what you can see on initial investigation, which is why a certified Fire Damage Restoration Technician will know exactly what to look for.

The assessment and make safe program for your fire damage clean up and restoration may also cover a water damage drying component, especially if an internal fire sprinkler system was activated or if the fire brigade attended to extinguish the fire.  So, make sure, that the company that manages your fire damage restoration in Melbourne is also certified and able to manage your water damage restoration and drying requirements. It will make for a comprehensive considered restoration approach.

A reputable Melbourne fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleaning company will provide you with an assessment and a quote of what is required.  This information can be provided to your insurance company to assist with any insurance claims.   

Capital Facility Services can assist you with your fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleaning requirements in Melbourne.  Call us on 1300 554 418 to find out more about how we can help you.