How sever can wet carpet damage really be? Check out the photos below and see for yourself!

A burst pipe, overflowing bathtub or any other source of water damage in your home can cause major damage beyond what you might think! As per the photos below, you need to look beyond the surface to see what lies beneath!!

What may look like wet carpet and feels slightly sloshy underfoot, may seem at first sight to be a problem you think you can deal with. Many people try using towels to soak up the excess water, open windows to let in air and use their heaters to dry the carpet out but they tend to get nowhere. The carpet stays wet, starts to smell and eventually mold appears. Skirting boards start to peel away from the wall and paintwork goes bubbly! The damage slowly starts to reveal itself.

The photos below show some evidence of what could be happening below your wet carpet!

Don’t risk structural and unnecessary damage to your home or business by being complacent and thinking that you can sort out the water damage issue yourself. There could be an awful lot happening below the surface that you cannot see. Make sure your subfloor is dried and that wet carpet and wet underlay that is not restorable is removed promptly so it does not mold and cause health issues for your family or workplace. Wet carpet can cause damage to skirting boards, door, and walls in your home, as well as to content that is on it or close to it.

You will not see that this damage immediately so call water damage restoration experts like Capital 24/7 on 1300 554 418 as soon as your property is water damaged. One of Capital’s Water Damage Restoration Technicians will help you work out the best way to deal with your situation to ensure that the potential damage is minimized by using the best possible water damage mitigation process suited to your situation. We have the equipment and the know how to investigate what is happening below the surface.

As explained earlier if your walls or other structures in your home or business are water damaged you may not realise it immediately, so make sure you have a certified Water Damage Restoration Technician use their specialist moisture meters or thermal cameras to determine if there is structural damage to your walls and if heavy duty dryers will dry them to void having to cut wet and moulded plaster. If you live in Melbourne and are unfortunate to have had water damage to your home or workplace, call Capital 24/7 on 1300 554 418 and we will help you work out the best way forward. Our certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians will use the latest techniques and equipment to bring your home or business to its pre-damage condition. We will aim to have an IICRC certified Water Damage Restoration Technician at your premises in Melbourne within the hour, as the longer you leave water damage unattended the more likely you will suffer extensive damage that could have been avoided by a fast and effective water damage mitigation program.