Signs Your Flooded Carpet in Melbourne Can Be Rescued

While flooded carpet is far from a fun experience, there may still be hope to save your flooring. Certain situations will almost always lead to replacement being required, but there are plenty of instances in which flooded carpet cleaning can rescue your floors. If your carpet shows all three of the following signs, there’s a good chance it can be rescued.

You’ve Requested Flooded Carpet Cleaning Immediately

Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning

If no one was around when your carpets got flooded and they’ve been soaking wet for a couple of days, you’re probably better off simply replacing them in order to avoid future issues from the event. But if you noticed right away that your carpets were flooded and you called for help, there is a good chance that they can be saved, especially if they also meet these next two criteria.  Even if your carpet cant be saved you will need to dry out the subfloor before you lay new carpet.

The Water That Caused Your Flooded Carpet Was Clean

Water that has escaped from an over-flowing bath is a lot different to water that has made its way back up your drains because of a blockage. By the same token, an overflowing toilet presents a very different issue in terms of wet carpet cleaning than accidentally leaving the water running in the kitchen sink when the little ones distracted you for a bit too long. As long as the water that has soaked your carpet is clean, you’re all good to call for professional carpet cleaning and hopefully have your floors restored.  However, clean water can become contaminated if it stays soaked up in your carpet for too long and this could result in your carpet not being restorable.

The Floor Underneath Your Carpet Is Still Structurally Sound

The third factor that will impact whether or not you can simply call for assistance and cleaning has nothing to do with your carpet at all. Instead, it depends on whether the flooring and subfloors underneath your carpet are still structurally sound. Unfortunately, no matter how well your carpet appears to have handled being flooded, it’s going to have to be replaced if there is deeper damage going on. The good news is that this often won’t apply as long as the flooding was from a household cause and was caught quickly enough. However, it is still something to be mindful of.

Is Your Flooded Carpet in Melbourne Salvageable?

If you’ve answered yes to all three criteria’s above, your carpets should be able to be restored if you act quickly, so give us a call at Capital Facility so we can attend to your wet carpet and restore it quickly, before it becomes a problem.