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Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning and Drying Melbourne

For almost 20 years we have been in the business of cleaning and drying flooded and water damaged carpets. As well as structural drying of wet beams, wet joists, wet posi-struts, wet sub-floors, wet plaster (soft and hard) and wet fixed fixtures.

We use qualified Water Damage Restoration Technicians to project manage and lead all our water damage restoration programs.  Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians are certified from the Institute Of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, so you can be confident you are dealing with experts in the field of wet carpet cleaning and drying.

There is a specific process we follow to ensure your wet carpet is dried quickly and is free from water damage stains and smells;

Water Damage Assessment

Water Damage Assessment

We use specialised moisture monitors to measure the water saturation levels and the extent of damage. We also determine if the water damage is from clean or contaminated water sources and then design an appropriate water damage cleaning and drying program.

Toilet or sewerage overflow, for instances, is dirty water that may require we pull up and remove your wet carpet due to the heavy contamination. Flood Restoration MelbourneOur qualified water damage restoration technicians will analyse your specific situation and will develop a customised carpet water damage restoration and structural drying program. We will let you know if we believe you should remove your wet carpet and have it replaced, instead of attempting to dry and clean it.  We can then organise for new carpet to be laid and can also document our findings and recommendations in a report you can provide your insurance company to help with any insurance claims you make regarding the water damage to your carpet.

Water Removal From Wet Carpet And Other Surfaces [ water extraction]

Water ExtractionWe use specialised hot water extraction machines to quickly remove water from your carpets.  This method is effective in removing water so that your carpets are not flooded for a long duration. The longer your carpet is saturated the more likely you will end up with secondary issues relating to mould and mildew. Delayed water extraction and subsequent drying could also result in water creeping up walls and soaking into the sub-floor beneath the carpet, this will cause further damage that could be expensive to repair.

Water Damage Restoration MelbourneUsing towels to soak up water on saturated carpets is unlikely to be effective or quick and could lead to problems of mould and mildew.  You should never use a vacuum cleaner to remove water from your carpet as this is could be very dangerous. We have the equipment to extract water quickly and effectively, so call us to discuss how we can be of assistance to you. We endeavour to be at your water damaged location, in Melbourne, within an hour from when we receive your emergency water damage request for service.

Wet Carpet Odour Removal

We then remove the odours associated with clear and grey water damaged carpet and rugs by misting under carpet and treating with an anti-microbial (bacterial treatment).

Specialised Wet Carpet Drying and Structural Drying

We use specialised Air Movers and Dehumidifiers to dry your carpets and other wet surfaces, as well as to draw moisture from the air so that you avoid future issues of mould and mildew. To achieve optimum results we may need to lift your carpets. Wet Carpet DryingWe can then determine if your carpet underlay is redeemable or will need to be replaced. If it needs to be replaced we will pull it out and dry your carpets as well as the subfloor beneath. We can then organise for new underlay to be installed and your carpet to be re-laid also. If your carpet is not redeemable through our intensive drying program we will recommend your carpet is replaced and can organise this for you.

Similarly, if your timber floor water damage is not redeemable we will tell you before we commence drying and can organise for your timber floor to be restored by a qualified restorer.

Removal of Any Browning and Staining From Flooded Carpet Damage

In turn we use, Browning treatment to neutralise and remove any stains or cellulosic browning that resulted from your carpet water damage.

Carpet Cleaning After Water Damaged Carpet Drying

As required we will steam clean your carpets on completion of the wet carpet water damage restoration program we undertake. Steam cleaning and use of the browning treatment beforehand will remove any staining so that your carpet looks as good as new .

iStructural Drying MelbourneCleaning and Repair Of Secondary Water Damage

We are experts in structural drying and will determine if your wet carpet has caused water to creep up your plaster walls (soft and hard), into the beams, joists, posi-struts, or into the subfloor.

Where water has crept up walls or other structural beams and joinery we dry these items and depending on the degree of damage we replace structural elements, organise replastering and painting.

 Emergency Flooded Carpet Cleaning and Wet Carpet Drying

It is important to know that the longer you leave wet carpets saturated the damage will spread and become a bigger problem for you.  Water Damage RestorationWater from your wet carpets will penetrate the subfloor, walls and structures.  Mould and mildew will start to form in the moist environment and overtime could become a significant problem for you.

Water damaged carpet cleaning emergencies are our specialty and we will endeavour to be at your home or commercial facility within an hour, if you are located in Melbourne.  We move fast as we know how quickly a water damaged carpet can become a massive water damage problem requiring an intensive restoration program.

Call us now and we will discuss your problem and come out within the hour to clean your flooded carpets.

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