Wet Carpet Water Extraction

When your carpet is saturated with water after flooding it needs professional attention. Homeowners often use towels to soak up water and heaters or hair dryers to dry their carpet to no avail which can be dangerous.

Or it might feel like the carpet is only slightly wet on touch when it is in fact holding massive amounts of water under the surface and the subfloor is soaked through. When this happens people are surprised when eventually they discover that their carpet has mould patches and when it is lifted, they see the effect of mould that has grown under the wet carpet that was never properly dried. The cost and impact of mould remediation work that is required is way more costly than to have the wet carpet dried properly to start with.

Wet carpet from any major event like a leaking pipe, a bathtub overflow or water ingress from a storm event should always be assessed by a specialised and certified Water Damage Restoration company like Capital Facility Services. We use the correct tools to assess the extent of the damage and can then engage in the most appropriate water extraction and drying program.  The attached video shows how we can use a specialised tool called a ‘water claw’ to suck water with intensive power from wet carpet. The carpet in the video looks dry on the surface but it was holding moisture that would have allowed for mould growth if not attended to promptly. Look closely and you can see the water being sucked up.

Capital Facility Services deals with wet carpet drying in Melbourne daily. If your carpet cannot be saved, we will let you know as it is best to remove it fast than to attempt to dry it, if it is already contaminated and not salvable. Fast action saves wet carpet from needing to be replaced and for Melbourne wet carpet programs we aim to attend to the site as soon as possible. Call us 24/7 for Melbourne wet carpet drying on 1300 554 418