See How Water is Extracted from Water Damaged Carpet

At Capital Facility Services we know it is important that before any drying of flooded carpet takes place all excess water must be removed from your carpet and underlay.

Checkout these two small videos to see the two main techniques we use;

Water Extraction From Wet Carpet; A special machine is used to literally suck the water out of wet and water damaged carpet. Take a look;


Flooded Carpet Water Extraction Using Claw For Saturated Carpet; After the water extraction process a water claw is used to slowly but surely remove all remaining water from  carpet that is saturated after flood damage.  Take a look;

Once water is extracted, the process to dry carpet can commence.  Specialised machines are used to blow cool air into the carpet to speed up the drying process of the carpet, underlay and sub-floor.  A dehumidifier is used to capture the moisture that is released into the air as part of the drying process.  If the moisture is not removed it is very likely that the moisture will cause issuea of mould in future.  This is something that we want to avoid for all our clients by using the IICRC process to remove moisture from the environment during the carpet drying process.

If you have a carpet flood call us on 1300 554 418 24/7 for caret drying in Melbourne.