Make sure your gutters are clean this Autumn

Capital Facility Services would like to remind all Melbournians that as we move into Autumn it is important to keep your gutters clean of fallen leaves, gum nuts, small pine nuts etc. This is especially important in leafy suburbs of which thankfully there are many in Melbourne.

Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians are often called out after heavy Autumn and Winter rains to restore damage caused as a result of water back-flow from blocked gutters.   Unexpectedly water from heavy down pours suddenly gushes into homes and causes varying levels of damage; from wet walls, through to collapsed ceilings, and water damaged carpet and flooded floors.

Wet carpet and wet walls from small roof and gutter leaks are not always immediately noticeable and they can result in mould problems before the issue is picked up and water damage restoration work commences.  By this time it is often too late to save the moulded wet carpet or other mouldy surfaces and a more expensive restoration program is required.

So keep your gutters clean, make sure you do not have residue under gutter guards that can block your gutters!  For tips on what do do if you are hit by a flood after sudden storms check out our tips here

If you are stuck with water damage of flooded carpet in your home call us 24/7 for an immediate response on 1300 554 418.