Examples of Water Damaged Carpet From Across Melbourne

Flooded and water damaged carpet damage varies from minor to severe. Check out these photos to see how different homes and businesses we have worked with have been affected by water damage resulting in wet carpet.

The extent of the water damage on the above flooded and wet carpet is different, however, the restoration process is always similar.  Water is extracted from the carpet, driers are set up to blow cold air into the carpet to dry it and also the underlay and subfloor. Dehumidifiers are used to extract moisture from the air to avoid issues of mould growth. Sometimes, however, more heavy duty equipment is required, the drying process may take longer and the carpet may need to be lifted to assist drying of the subfloor and underlay. The underlay may need to replaced or if black water damaged your carpet (eg sewerage) you may be advised to pull up the old carpet, dry the subfloor and replace with new carpet.

At Capital Facility Services in Melbourne, a certified water damage restoration technician will determine the most effective restoration approach for your flooded carpet.  If you have wet carpet in Melbourne please call us 24/7 on 1300 554 418.