Why Immediate Fire Damage Restoration Is Crucial to Recovery

When you have a fire in your home or business, you can suffer devastating damage. For the best possible outcomes, you must address the situation as soon as possible, including fire damage cleaning to remove smoke and soot residues. The longer you wait to make the necessary repairs and clean up after a fire, the greater the chances of more damage and a hefty restoration bill.


Prioritising the restoration and repairs to your house or property as quickly as you can after a fire, can help you restore your property to its original condition sooner. If you are wanting to understand why it is important to have fast and efficient fire damage restoration in Melbourne, read on.

What Can Happen When You Delay Fire Damage Cleaning

The effects of fire damage spread quickly moving from the immediate area affected to surrounding unaffected areas. Within minutes acid soot residues cause plastics and highly porous surfaces like marble to discolor permanently. Within hours grout can become permanently stained, metal tarnishes and furniture may discolor. Within days acid residues from the soot and smoke that is lingering can permanently stain your walls and corrode and rust metals and cause your clothing and upholstery to become permanently stained. And within weeks you may see signs of etching on your glassware and crystal, staining on synthetic carpets may become permanent and so on.

Find out more about the effects of fire damage and how quickly fire damage can spread even after the fire has been extinguished.

Overtime Fire Damage will spread to unaffected areas

A fire can wreak havoc on your home, but not only the immediately areas impacted by the fire will require cleaning and restoration, if you take too long to tend to the fire damage, other areas of your home or business may also become affected.

Since hot air rises it is likely that it will travel to and spread into your roof cavity causing damage to any insulation, as well as structural damage. Hot air also moves to cooler places so it is very likely the smoke and soot residues, which remain active after the fire is extinguished, will spread to areas not directly affected by the fire itself. This spread of damage needs to be controlled through quick action to effectively address the fire damage as soon as it is safe to do so after the fire is extinguished.

Professional Fire, Soot and Smoke Damage Cleaning

Professional fire damage cleaning and restoration can help eliminate any smoke and soot damage and the residues that remain and continue to damage your property after the fire. The soot and smoke that the fire generates has to go somewhere and usually ends up on the walls and ceilings of the property, in the roof cavity and is likely to damage your content. A professional company can come and access the damage and provide you with a plan on how to get your property back to a safe and habitable condition much quicker.

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