Mould Removal Melbourne

Mould grows in wet and damp surfaces. A pipe leaking in a wall cavity creates an ideal environment of moisture for mould to grow and thrive in. It goes unnoticed until signs of mould growth are seen on walls in rooms behind the shower. By this stage, the mould has caused significant damage and specialised […]

Professional Mould Removal and Mould Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Mould Removal investigation is necessary where there is suspected mould growth. At Capital Facility Services we are constantly being asked to clean what home owners believe is surface mould. On investigation in most instances the mould has been growing inside a moist wall cavity and can only be seen when it has penetrated the […]

Wet Carpet Water Extraction

When your carpet is saturated with water after flooding it needs professional attention. Homeowners often use towels to soak up water and heaters or hair dryers to dry their carpet to no avail which can be dangerous. Or it might feel like the carpet is only slightly wet on touch when it is in fact […]

A Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

A burst pipe in the ceiling can be the cause of a major water damage incident that no home or business owner wants to deal with. As you can see from the video, the effects of a burst pipe can be devastating. Before you know it, a burst pipe can literally flood your home moving […]