Can Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Save Your Carpet?

People often ask us whether carpets that have been damaged by water can be rescued. Today we are answering that and some other common questions to help you work out whether your wet floors can be saved.

What Is Water Damage Carpet Cleaning?

While standard carpet cleaning endeavours aim to remove dirt, grime and other nasties that can reside in your carpet, causing allergies and making your family sick, water damage carpet cleaning focuses on exactly what you would expect from the name. Your professional wet carpet cleaner will do their best to salvage your carpet by working to extract the excess water and then to dry it out using techniques that eliminate the build up of moisture and humidity that can cause issues such a mould growth.

Is Water Damage Restoration Effective?

The answer to this question depends on the situation. If your carpet has been soaked with sewage, for example, you are going to need to rip it up and install new flooring. If the water that has caused damage to your carpet is clean, however, water damage restoration can be possible if you call in a professional in a timely manner. If clean water has been sitting on your carpet for a long time and there are signs of mould growth, then the affected carpet cannot be salvaged.

Your water damage restoration technician will let you know at the time of inspection, how significant they believe the damage to be and whether it is likely that they will be able to rescue your carpets. Even if your wet carpet is not restorable and is removed, you will need to ensure that the subfloor is dried before new carpet installed. Your water damage restoration technician will access the situation and implement the most cost-effective solution specific to your needs.

What Should I Do If My Carpets Are Damaged?

This is the most common question we receive, but it really comes down to how significant the damage is and how long ago it occurred. As a rule, we suggest reaching out to speak with one of our professional water damage restoration technicians at Capital Facility Services to discuss your options on a more personal level, as they will be able to provide advice based on your specific situation. 

In the meantime, review and follow our handy tips on what to do if you have carpet water damage.

Do I Need to Do Anything Specific After My Carpets Have Been Dried?

The water damage restoration technician that tends to your wet carpet will let you know if there are any measures that must be taken following the drying process. If there are water stains, or brown marks, on your carpet after the drying process, steam cleaning your carpet is the most effective method to attempt removal of this type of carpet staining.