How Long Does It Take To Dry A House After A Flood?

Flood Damage Cleaning When your property is damaged by a flood of any type, it can be very stressful and it’s natural to want it fixed fast, so life gets back to normal. There are factors that affect how long a flooded property takes to dry. Inspecting and Assessing the Cause of the Flood How […]

Signs Your Flooded Carpet in Melbourne Can Be Rescued

While flooded carpet is far from a fun experience, there may still be hope to save your flooring. Certain situations will almost always lead to replacement being required, but there are plenty of instances in which flooded carpet cleaning can rescue your floors. If your carpet shows all three of the following signs, there’s a […]

What To Do If A Flexi-Hose Has Burst And Left You With Flooded Carpet

What is a Flexi-hose? A flexi-hose (flexible water hose), is a very flexible and versatile hose used by plumbers to connect taps, sinks basins and the like to the main water supply. They are also used to connect the water from the toilet stop to the cistern. They are made from rubber and tend to […]