Wet Carpet Water Extraction

When your carpet is saturated with water after flooding it needs professional attention. Homeowners often use towels to soak up water and heaters or hair dryers to dry their carpet to no avail which can be dangerous. Or it might feel like the carpet is only slightly wet on touch when it is in fact […]

Why You May Need Emergency Wet Carpet Drying

Emergency wet carpet drying could be the difference between having to purchase and install an entirely new floor and simply having to stay out of the area for a bit while professionals rescue your carpet. In other words, it can be a major budget and time saver. Having said that, here are three reasons why […]

Drying Wet Carpet Melbourne

Drying wet carpet is something Capital Facility Services does well, having managed many thousands of wet carpet drying programs in Melbourne over the past 10 years. Capital Facility Services have the skills, expertise, equipment, and knowledge to dry your wet carpet and they will let you know if it is not salvageable due to extensive […]

Carpet Drying Service Melbourne

Carpet Drying is something Capital Facility Services knows well. Over the last year and half, we estimate that we have managed carpet drying and other water damage drying programs in approximately 840 rooms a month. That is over 15,000 rooms across Melbourne in a year and a half. We ourselves were astounded when we broke […]

Wet Carpet Drying in Melbourne Is Our Speciality

At Capital Facility Services the main request we get from our clients, both directly and through insurance claims, is for Wet Carpet Drying in Melbourne. We find that when we are alerted of water damage and extract water quickly; followed by the installation of a tailored drying solution our clients avoid costly restoration bills and lengthy […]