How to Find a Professional Wet Carpet Drying Company in Melbourne

There are some key points that can assist you to find a professional wet carpet drying company in Melbourne that suits your situation. While local carpet drying services may seem convenient, it should not be the overall deciding factor. Other considerations will ensure you make the right choice for getting your carpet dried and any […]

How Long Does It Take To Dry A House After A Flood?

Flood Damage Cleaning When your property is damaged by a flood of any type, it can be very stressful and it’s natural to want it fixed fast, so life gets back to normal. There are factors that affect how long a flooded property takes to dry. Inspecting and Assessing the Cause of the Flood How […]

Signs Your Flooded Carpet in Melbourne Can Be Rescued

While flooded carpet is far from a fun experience, there may still be hope to save your flooring. Certain situations will almost always lead to replacement being required, but there are plenty of instances in which flooded carpet cleaning can rescue your floors. If your carpet shows all three of the following signs, there’s a […]

Can Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Save Your Carpet?

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

People often ask us whether carpets that have been damaged by water can be rescued. Today we are answering that and some other common questions to help you work out whether your wet floors can be saved. What Is Water Damage Carpet Cleaning? While standard carpet cleaning endeavours aim to remove dirt, grime and other nasties that can […]

Your Guide to Flooded Carpet Damage

Flooded carpet damage occurs when an excessive amount of water spills onto your carpet and settles there. While it won’t always result in the need to replace your carpet, saving it can depend on a range of factors. By understanding more about how this damage can occur, and about different ways to respond, repairing the […]

Handy Tips on What to Do If You Have Carpet Water Damage!

Water Damaged Carpet Drying Is Our Thing! At Capital Facility Services, drying wet carpet is what we are known for.   We know that having water damaged carpet is a stressful time and our team of Water Damage Specialists aim to dry your wet carpet fast and efficiently using the best practice techniques available.  So, if […]

Clean Your Gutters And Avoid Flooded Carpet Damage!

Blocked gutters are a key cause of water backflow into homes during heavy rainfall; the result being wet ceilings, wet walls, structural damage, and flooded carpet.  In many cases, content is also water damaged and not salvageable.  A little bit of hard work to clear your blocked gutters from leaves, gum nuts and other organic […]

Call on Capital to Dry Your Wet Carpet Anywhere in Melbourne

At Capital Facility Services we specialise in drying wet carpet and restoring water damaged homes across Melbourne. We have proven experience in drying wet carpet, having dried wet carpet in more than 1,000 homes and business across Melbourne in the last year alone. Key Causes for Wet Carpet in Melbourne Key Causes for flooding and […]

Water Damaged Carpet Can Quickly Turn Into Moulded Carpet

Water damaged carpet can quickly turn into the moulded carpet and you may not even know it, as the mould is likely to start growing on the subfloor and underlay first.  A constant, slow water leak where water deposits itself under carpet onto the subfloor and underlay is more common than you may think and […]

Examples of Water Damaged Carpet From Across Melbourne

Flooded and water damaged carpet damage varies from minor to severe. Check out these photos to see how different homes and businesses we have worked with have been affected by water damage resulting in wet carpet. The extent of the water damage on the above flooded and wet carpet is different, however, the restoration process […]